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aims to help improve the socioeconomic circumstances of African Americans and other underserved communities. It is the policy of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation NOT to advocate or support either directly or indirectly, the election or defeat of any candidate for public or political office. The CBCF does not donate or contribute to any candidate's campaign, nor does it participate or engage in political fundraising events nor otherwise solicit 35 th Annual National BDPA Technology Conference and Career Expo WASHINGTON, D.C. August 14-17, 2013 SEPTEMBER 2012 09.12 | Volume 37.09 www.bdpa.org Pre-register and reserve rooms by December 15, 2012 contributions, nor endorse or oppose a candidate. Founded in 1976 and based in Washington, D.C., CBCF envisions a world in which the black community is free of all disparities and able to contribute fully to advancing the common good. Its mission is to advance the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy and educating the public. It is achieving that mission by: Facilitating the exchange of ideas and information to address critical issues affecting our communities. Developing strategic research and historical resources for the public. Providing leadership development and scholarship opportunities. Developing effective programs and research to address social, economic and health disparities. See CBCF, Inc. on page 7 Featured Site C C B B C C F F i i n n c c . . o o r r g g Inspiring Leaders, Building Generations Washington, DC—The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy, research and educational institute that

Newsletter: BDPA Washington DC (Sep 2012)

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This is the Sep 2012 edition of the BDPA Washington DC chapter newsletter - 'BDPAToday'. The September 2012 edition of features new Mobile Device updates from industry, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) introduction, Cybersecurity legislative update, and 2013 Internship Forecasts for college bound students.

Text of Newsletter: BDPA Washington DC (Sep 2012)

  • 1. SEPT EMB E R 2 01 209.12 | Volume 37.09Featured SiteCBCFiinc..orgCBCF nc orgInspiring Leaders, Building Generations th 35 Annual National BDPATechnology Conference Washington, DCThe and Career ExpoCongressional Black Caucus WASHINGTON, D.C. Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) is anonprofit, nonpartisan contributions, nor endorse or oppose aAugust 14-17, 2013public policy, research andcandidate.educational institute that Founded in 1976 and based in Washington, D.C., CBCF envisions a world in which the black community is free of all disparities and able to contribute fully to advancing the common good.aimstohelpimprovethe Its mission is to advance the global blacksocioeconomic circumstances of African community by developing leaders, informing policy and educating the public. It is achievingAmericans and other underserved that mission by:communities. Facilitating the exchange of ideas andIt is the policy of the Congressional information to address critical issuesBlack Caucus Foundation NOT toaffecting our communities.advocate or support either directly or Developingstrategic research andhistorical resources for the public.indirectly, the election or defeat of any Providing leadership development andcandidate for public or political office. scholarship opportunities.The CBCF does not donate or contribute Developing effective programs andwww.bdpa.orgto any candidates campaign, nor does itresearch to address social, economic andparticipate or engage in politicalhealth disparities. Pre-register and reserverooms by December 15, 2012fundraising events nor otherwise solicitSee CBCF, Inc. on page 7

2. 4Q12 IT Senior Management Symposium | November 8 10, 2012NATIONAL BDPA CO-FOUNDEREarl A. Pace, Jr.NATIONAL BDPA PRESIDENTMonique F. BerryNBDPA VICE PRESIDENTDr. Craig BrownNBDPA VICE PRESIDENTFINANCELoraine StewartNBDPA VICE PRESIDENTNORTH REGIONFrederick Smith, Jr.NBDPA VICE PRESIDENTSOUTH REGIONTeresa WilliamsNBDPA VICE PRESIDENTSTRATEGY & PLANNINGPamela SextonNBDPA VICE PRESIDENTMEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENTChad WhiteNBDPA VICE PRESIDENTMEMBERSHIP SERVICESAllison Aheart HaymoreOUTSIDE DIRECTORSWilliam FlowersJesse MathewsBDPA EDUCATION &TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATIONR. Wayne HicksExecutive DirectorFOUNDING PUBLISHERPerry Carter BDPA, formerly known as Black Data Processing Associates, was founded in 1975 to promote professional growth and technical development to those in or entering information and communications technology (ICT) career fields and related industries. In its 37th year (Volume 37) National BDPA (NBDPA) Chapters publish quarterly or monthly newsletters. For newsletter or web portal advertising rates, publication schedules, online calendars, and e-newsletters, contact regional or local BDPA Chapters by visiting www.bdpa.org or by calling 301.584.3135 bdpatoday (ISSN 1946-1429) is published by participating Local Chapters of NBDPA with their respective chapter Communications Committees, mailed to BDPA members, BDPA corporate sponsors and electronically delivered to BDPA Chapters and Chapter Interest Groups (CIGs) as a benefit of membership. First Class and Periodicals postage paid at Washington, D.C. and additional regional mailing offices. Unless otherwise noted by own copyright, art and graphics NBDPA, BDPA-DC, Corbis, Getty Images, ITSMF and JupiterImagesTM. Cover graphics, photos and logos: CBCF, Inc. and bdpatoday. bdpatoday is available for online publishing of ICT industry, chapter news, and community IT, Cyber, and STEM events. Forward advertisements, articles, calendar of events, or images with captions and credits to: [email protected] Readers may use NBDPA Groupsite calendars, enhanced by Groupsite.com to review local events or visit www.bdpatoday.org. Advertisements, announcements, OP-EDs, or following NBDPA on social media does not constitute an endorsement. Contributor opinions are not necessarily those of NBDPA or local BDPA Chapters. bdpatoday Page 3www.bdpatoday.org 3. 7Cybersecurity Bill Stalls on the Hill21Command & Control at FEMA: All Eyes on Isaac, lessons from Katrina 23Forecast | 2013 CO-OP/Internships PRESIDENTS MESSAGE62013 Conference Call! Industry Executives, Community Leaders, and Regional BDPA Chapter directorates invite new stakeholders to embrace stronger national partnerships with industry for 2013. COVER STORY Congressional Black Caucus Foundation | Annual Legislative Conference 7 Each September, thousands of elected officials and industry leaders, celebrities, media, emerging leaders and everyday Americans come to Washington, D.C., for the organizations Annual Legislative Conference (ALC). @bdpatoday Twitter hash-tags: #GovRel #TechandMedia #CBCF #ALC201213 2012 NBDPA Conference Winners, Chapter News, and Community Events NBDPA and ICT News and Community Events17 ICT INDUSTRY NEWS Product News and Trade Events ICT Industry News and Trade Events near BDPA Chapters19 Upcoming NBDPA and ICT Industry Events NBDPA and ICT Industry Events Calendar21 PUBLIC SECTOR Government Relations: Federal Emergency Management Agency U.S. Department of Homeland Security23 2013 INDUSTRY FORECAST | STUDENT MEMBER INTERNSHIPSbdpatodayPage 4www.bdpatoday.org 4. 20132013 Conference Call By virtue of the authority vested in me as National Presidentof NBDPA and in accordance with the mandates of Article IX,Section 3 of the National By-Laws of the NBDPA; it is mydistinct pleasure to announce the call for assembly of the 2013Annual Delegates Meeting and anniversary celebrating our 35thNational BDPA Technology Conference.Our site for next years National BDPA Technology Conference shall be Washington, D.C.with BDPAs Washington, D.C. Chapter serving as our distinguished Host in honor of their 35th Anniversary. The Hilton Washington is the official headquarters hotel for our assembly, 35th Anniversary Events, Career Fair, Technology Expo, National High School Computer Competition (HSCC) scholarship round, National IT Showcase (ITSC) scholarship round, Youth Technology Conference (YTC,) and annual Golf Classic.Said National BDPA Technology Conference shall take place during the time period August 13th through August 17th, 2013with our formal Banquet and Gala on the evening of August 17th. The President of the United States will formally be invited as our distinguished guest of honor and keynote speaker.All BDPA Chapters, BDPA members, corporate sponsors, agencies, and stakeholders are hereby notified of the time and place for your 2013 National BDPA Technology Conference and Career Fair. Take full advantage of your annual memberships, discounts, and color sponsorships made available to your organization in this years portfolio. BDPA Chapters are directed to make appropriate plans to ensure their Executive Committees, Delegates, new members, student members, participating High School Computer Competition teams and IT Showcase teams have successfully made room reservations and pre-registered prior to the end next quarter. I look forward to our 35th Anniversary Reunion and ICT Industry outreach events next August in our Nations Capital! Monique F. Berry __________________ Monique F. Berry National President National BDPA 5. COVER STORYCBCF, Inc. continued from page 1Each year, CBCF undertakes significant public Cybersecurity Bill | General Backgrounderhealth, economic empowerment and scholarshipprograms that benefit thousands of people Washington, DCEarly lastacross the country. Its stellar fellowship andmonth, the U.S. Senate took upinternship programs are among the largest ofcomprehensive legislation totheir kind and, while enabling young AfricanaddresstheseriousAmericans to pursue careers in public policy andcybersecurity threat facing ournation. Politico reports thispublic service, have helped to diversify the rankslegislation at Presidentof officeholders and staff on Capitol Hill andBarack Obamas request through the federal and state governments.would impose massive federalregulation on the private sector.CBCFs influence extends to African-AmericanCyber legislation in the Senateintellectuals and others focused on policy andfailed to move forward prior tolegislative issues. Each September, thousands oftheir 2012 summer recesselected officials and industry leaders, celebrities,adjournment.media, emerging leaders and everydayAmericans come to Washington, D.C., for the The Cyber Threat: Every day U.S. businesses are targetedorganizations Annual Legislative Conferenceby nation-state actors like China and Russia for cyber(ALC). The conference features participation by exploitation and theft, resulting in huge losses of valuablethe Congressional Black Caucus and includes intellectual property and sensitive information. Thisdozens of policy forums, general sessions,rampant industrial espionage costs American jobs.exhibits, a job fair, book signings and vastnetworking opportunities. When these hackers steal intellectual property, theytake new, high-paying jobs right along with it.In addition, CBCF produces district-level forumsEstimates of loss from economic espionage are hard tothroughout the country to explore public policy make, but range up to $400 billion a year. Just asconcerns, promote public health and financial important, many of the same vulnerabilities used toempowerment and to solicit opinions and steal intellectual property can be used to attack therecommendations of citizens at the localcritical infrastructure we depend on every day.community level. CBCF and our volunteers China is the worlds most active and persistentthrough the Congressional Black Caucus Spousesperpetrator of economic espionage. U.S. companiesalso sponsor an annual scholarship classic that have reported an onslaught of Chinese cyber intrusionsraises hundreds of thousands of dollars for that steal sensitive information like client lists, mergereducational and training opportunitiesand acquisition data, pricing information, and thefor college students. results of research and development efforts. Thisillegally-acquired information gives Chinese companiesCBCF programs are supported by fundraisingan unfair competitive advantage against the Americanevents and the generous support of ourcompanies from which it was stolen.corporate partners. To better expand and sustainits research efforts, and to enhance its leadership Intelligence Sharing to Help the Private Sector Protecteducation programs, CBCF is establishing a multi- Itself: Today, the United States government protects itselfmillion-dollar endowment to provide support for against cyber espionage by using both classified andits efforts not just for one year, or even oneunclassified cyber threat information.generation, but also in perpetuity.bt However, the vast majority of the private sectordoesnt get the full benefit of classified threatSource: cbcfinc.orgSee Cybersecurity, page 8 bdpatodayPage 7 www.bdpatoday.org 6. Cybersecurity, from page 7 intelligence that the government already has in its possession. This important legislation would enable cyber threat sharing and provide clear o If the government were authority for the private sector to defend its own networks, all while providing able to share its classified strong protections for privacy and civil liberties. threat information, theo This bipartisan legislation was developed in close consultation with a broad private sector would berange of private sector companies, trade groups, privacy and civil libertiesadvocates, and the Executive Branch. The bill continues to be revised based on able to better defend itselfdiscussions with numerous groups and key new changes are reflected in this against nation-state actorsdocument and related materials. in cyberspace. o The bill protects privacy by prohibiting the government from requiring o An important experimentprivate sector entities to provide information to the government, and by recently conducted by theencouraging the private sector to anonymize or minimize the information it Defense Department voluntarily shares with others, including the government. In addition, the bill proves that this can work. requires an independent Inspector General audit of any voluntary information The Defense Industrial sharing with the government. (Amendment at markup) BasePilotprogram o The bill has been amended to narrow its definitions to remove the term provided classified cyberintellectual property. The definition was narrowed to avoid any threat intelligence to misunderstanding and to clarify that it is intended only to defend againstattempts by advanced cyber hackers, from countries like China, to gain communications serviceunauthorized access to networks, including efforts to gain such access to steal providers who used itprivate or government information. (New provision) protect defenseo The bill ensures the Department of Homeland Security will continue to play a contractors. The pilot key role by requiring it to generally receive cybersecurity information showed thatsharing voluntarily shared with the government and by making clear that no new intelligence can enhance authorities are granted to the Defense Department or the Intelligence privatecybersecurity Community to direct private or public cybersecurity efforts. (New provision) without any government o The bill also significantly limits the federal governments use of information monitoring.voluntarily provided by the private sector, including a restriction on thegovernments ability to search that data. (Amendment at markup) In December 2011, the Houseo The bill enforces the restrictions on the government by levying penaltiesagainst the government through federal court lawsuits for any violations of Permanent Select Committeethose restrictions. (New provision) on Intelligence (HPSCI) passed The bill provides positive authority to private sector entities to defend their own the Cyber Intelligence Sharing networks and those of their corporate customers, and to share cyber threat and Protection Act to allow theinformation with others in the private sector, as well as with the federal government to providegovernment on a purely voluntary basis. classifiedcyber threat o Voluntary information sharing with the federal government improves the intelligence to the privategovernments ability to protect against foreign cyber threats. sector. By allowing the private sector to expand its own cyber defense efforts and too employ classified information to protect systems and networks, this bill willThe legislation was passed out of harness private sector drive and innovation while also keeping the governmentcommittee onastrong out of the business of monitoring and guarding private sector networks.o This legislation will also help create a more robust private sectorbipartisan vote of 17 to 1, andcybersecurity marketplace, and create new private sector jobs for cybersecurityenjoys more than 100 bipartisanprofessionals.cosponsors,including 11 o This bill will not require additional federal spending or the creation of a vastCommittee chairmen. new government bureaucracy. It will impose no new regulations or unfundedmandates. To the contrary, it will be a critical, bipartisan first step towardenabling Americas private sector to do what it does best: create, innovate,and sell cybersecurity solutions. bt bdpatoday Page 8www.bdpatoday.org 7. Distinct Careers forDiverse ProfessionalsJPMorgan Chase embraces the diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives that every colleaguebrings to our organization.Were looking for talented individuals to bring their insights to our many lines of business.A number of positions relative to your expertise as a guest or member of BDPA are available.Explore career opportunities at careers.jpmorganchase.com2011 JPMorgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved. JPMorgan Chase is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer M/F/D/V 8. Member ServicesAnnouncing NBDPAs New Webinar Series: Career Triage Set Yourself up for Success!If your career is in the Emergency Room, you need Career Triage! A fast-paced, actionprovoking 21st Century look at how to revive stalled careers presented by career coach,Janice Coleman, President and CEO, Janice Coleman Corporation.CareerTriage Webinars will be offered monthly on the Third Saturday from 11a 12:00nEST with exception to August 2012, as Janice Coleman will be conducting workshops duringthe National Conference. CareerTriage includes but is not limited to:Resume Rescue - Tips on strengthening your resume to for effective marketingInterview Infusion - Strategies on effective interviewing skillsNetworking Nutrition - Job seeker techniques on developing and leveraging relationships.Webinars are free of charge to all BDPA Members and $15 for non-members. To register formonthly Webinars, visit bdpa.org , select About BDPA, then select National Calendar. 9. DOING BUSINESSIN THE CLOUDWHERE TO START ?Most large organizations can benefit from selective use of the cloud.BUSINESS SOLUTIONSBut where to start? As the worlds leading independent information TECHNOLOGYtechnology services company, we can help you reach the right decisions OUTSOURCINGto make the shift to cloud computing successful. CSC.COM/CLOUD 10. CHAPTER NEWS & EVENTSBackgrounder | About NBDPA BDPA ATLANTA | 2012 World HSCC ChampionsFounded in 1975, NationalBDPA (formerly, Black DataProcessing Associates) is aninternationallyrecognizedorganization of IT professionalswhose goals include preparingyoung people who areinterested in becoming thenext generation of InformationTechnology Thought Leaders inacademiaand corporateAmerica. The regional andnational HSCC championshipsare part of the BDPA science,technology, engineering andmathematics (STEM) pipelinesummarized in its motto, Fromthe Classroom tothe Atlanta, GA BDPA Atlanta chapter students, volunteers and leaders were the Rock StarsBoardroom.of last months 2012 National BDPA Technology Conference! 2012 has definitely been YOA (Year of Atlanta) as demonstrated by our new World HSCC Champions. Each member At the national level, of the winning team receives Dr. Jesse L. Bemley Scholarships from The BDPA Education NBDPAhostscomputer and Technology Foundation (BETF) toward the college or university of their choice with competitions atannual new laptop computers from HP, a National BDPA Platinum Sponsor and title sponsor of the conferencesand each National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC.) chapter is invited to bring a five-member teamto Pictured above (L-R) Mr. Sunheng Taing; Mr. Allen Warner; Ms. Felicia Jones, President compete. Winners at the BDPA Atlanta; Mr. Yash Shirsath; and Mr. James Nguyen. For the first time in competition national level are rewarded history, the BDPA Atlanta HSCC team had a perfect programming score during the 34th with scholarships and annual National BDPA Technology Conference and 26th National BDPA High School sponsor-donated items, up to Computer Competition. and including desktop or notebook computers. bt This years annual technology conference and community outreach events were co-hosted______________________ by National BDPA and BDPAs Baltimore Chapter, led by Gregory Tarver. For additional lists of conference events, winners, and sponsors, visit: bdpa.org . btSource: bdpa.orgbdpatoday Page 13 www.bdpatoday.org 11. CHAPTER NEWS & EVENTS Backgrounder | About BETFBDPA New York | 2012 Chapter of the YearBDPA Education and TechnologyFoundation (BETF or BDPAFoundation) is a 501(c)(3) non-profitcharity, founded in 1992 to supportthe education and technical programsof BDPA, now formerly known asBlack Data Processing Associates.BETF recognizes that to close the gapof computer and technology literacy,minority youth must participate andcompete in todays digital economy. The BDPA Foundation wants studentsfrom historicallydisadvantagedcommunities and HBCU/MIs to learnadvanced computer science andcommunity responsibility from any ofthe BDPA chapters located around theNew York, NY National BDPAs New York Chapter (BDPA-NY) won its secondnation or forming abroad. consecutive Chapter of the Year Award during last months National BDPATechnology Conference in Baltimore. Above, Chapter President, Ms. RenettaEnglish is shown accepting the Chapters 2012 Award from NBDPA Co-Founder,Recently, the BDPA Foundation Earl A. Pace, Jr.created an Endowment fund with theintent of increasing the number and BDPA New York consistently maintains an impeccable track record ofsize of the scholarships awarded theseprofessionally delivering NBDPA programs and STEM activities to youth andstudents. The scholarships target our underserved communities. BDPA-NY has an outstanding chapter managementteam overseeing community outreach programs while maintainingyoung people seeking a degree inmembership retention goals with steady revenue growth across each of theirInformation Technology or related chapters operational portfolios.discipline at accredited colleges oruniversities. btVisit their booth during this months STEM Career Fair, September 14, 2012from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the New Yorker Hotel, 481 8th Ave. & 34th_____________________________ Street, New York, NY 10001btSource: betf.org Vice Admiral Michelle Howard, U.S. Navy First African-American woman to achieve three- star rank in the United States Armed Forces VADM Michelle Howard (second from the left) is a staunch proponent of STEM Programs for tomorrows cybersecurity workforce. She was a keynote speaker and panelist during a Regional BDPA Summit at Bowie State University. Admiral Howard received her third star on August 24, 2012. She currently serves as the Deputy Commander United States Fleet Forces Command, Commander Task Force Two Zero and Director Combined Joint Operations From the Sea Centre of Excellence. She is the first African- Photo bdpatoday American woman to command a US Navy ship and the first woman graduate of the United States Naval Academy selected for Admiral.bt bdpatodayPage 14 www.bdpatoday.org 12. CHAPTER NEWS & EVENTSColumbia, SC BDPAs Greater Columbia Chapter, students and instructors did an outstanding job representingthe Greater Columbia BDPA Chapter (BDPA-GC), its sponsors IT-oLogy, Wal-Mart, BlueCross BlueShield of SC andthe State of South Carolina during the 34th BDPA National Technology Conference held in Baltimore, MD lastmonth. BDPA-GC chapter also received high marks in several other category competitions. Tyra Foulks, shownabove presenting to industry judges, is a junior at Irmo High School. She captured first place in the National ITShowcase (ITSC) High School competition presenting a technical research paper titled POSITRON EMISSIONTOMOGRAPHY (PET) COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY (CT) -- PET/CT: THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. Tyra wasawarded a $3,000 ITSC Scholarship from Johnson and Johnson. She is expected to return next year when theNational IT Showcase heads to Washington, D.C.Jamesetta James, BDPA-GC, contributed to this article. Photo BDPA btbdpatodayPage 15www.bdpatoday.org 13. ICT INDUSTRY NEWS| September 2012 A huge month for Tech Sector launches Flyover viewsMaps: An iOS 6 PreviewDesigned by Apple from theground up, Maps will giveDetailed Maps Turn-by-Turnusers turn-by-turn spoken Navigationdirections, interactive 3Dviews, and a stunningflyover feature. Accordingto Apple, Maps is abeautifully designed appfrom the ground up (andthe sky down), that willchange the way one seesthe world.Map elements are vectorbased, so graphics and textare incredibly detailed Photo credit: Appleeven when you zoom all theway in and panning isTableau Digerati | #BYODsmooth. Tilt and rotate toview an area, and Maps Washington, D.C./btNewswire Amazons Kindle Fire is sold out. Amazon iskeeps the names of streets holding a press event during the first week of this month in Santa Monica,and places where theyCalifornia, fueling speculation it will launch new tablet devices.belong. Get audio andAccording to industry trade publications Apple is poised to release its newvisualturn-by-turn iPhone5 with iOS 6 later this month on or before September 21, 2012. Rumorsnavigation with real-timethat an iPad Mini may hit the market as early as next month recently surfaced.traffic updates. Users mayeven soar over cityscapes to Now that Google has Motorola Mobilitys patent portfolio in its war chest to helpsee the sights from the airprotect its Android ecosystem, at press time CNBC reports Google Chief Executive Larryin amazing, high-resolutionPage and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes talks about a wide range of intellectual property (IP) matters, including mobile patent disputesquality.bt between the companies, people familiar with the matter said. These talks come against the backdrop of Apples legal victory last month in a patent infringement case against Samsung.bt Not a Member? Visit www.bdpa.org to join or renew. bdpatodayPage 17www.bdpatoday.org 14. MARK YOUR CALENDAR 13th Nationa STEM ConOCTOBER Women of Color th 1113 STEM Conference2012 National W Hilton Anatole Dallas, Texas13 ConSTEM13thNational WSTEM Con Dont miss this historic event!www.womenofcolor.netFor more information contact Richard Butler at 410.754.4199. 15. Upcoming BDPA and ICT Events Information & Communication Technology People, Policy, and IT: Federal Fiscal Year (FY13) Kick-OffSeptember 14, 2012Washington, D.C. | AFFIRM + BDPA DC/NoVA Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF)Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) photo Career Communications Group, Inc.September 19-22, 2012Washington, D.C. | CBCF + NBDPA2012 Women of Color STEM Conference BDPA Northern Delaware Regional ShowcaseA MULTICULTURAL EVENT | Dallas, TX October 11-13, 2012September 22, 2012Wilmington, DE | BDPA Northeast RegionDallas, TXThis years Women of Color STEM Conference is HBCU Week: White House Initiative on HBCUs Conferencehosted by Northrop Grumman Corporation and Women of ColorSeptember 25-26, 2012 Magazine, published by Career Communications Group, Inc.Washington, D.C. | Dept. of Education + NBDPA Professionals find training, networking, role models, mentors,and inspiring awards events. 2012 Women of Color STEM ConferenceOctober 11 -1 3, 2012Students and InternsDallas , TX | CCG + WOC STEM + BDPA South RegionBDPA student members, HSCC Alumni, and Interns are invited Annual Scholarship , Awards Banquet, and Holiday ReceptionNovember 7, 2012 Washington Navy Yard to attend annual career fairs to meet top employers, takeWashington, D.C. | BDPA-DC/BDPA NoVAadvantage of onsite resources designed to enhance internationaljob searching, to enrich their academic career experiences, as 2012 Fourth Quarter Senior IT Symposium well as to harvest tools for successful STEM careers. StudentsNovember 8-10, 2012also are afforded opportunities to network with industryOrlando, FL | ITSMF + BDPA Orlandomentors. SC12 | Supercomputing 2012November 10-16, 2012, Event SpotlightSalt Lake City, UT | SC12 + JEF + BDPA Western Region Easily the most memorable event is the "Women to Women: MED Week 2012 | Minority Enterprise Development WeekUp Close and Personal workshop where women from industrysDecember 5-6 September 2012 date changed by MBDAexecutive ranks mentor up-and-coming women in candidWashington, D.C. | MBDA + NBDPAdiscussions on topics that are only discussed in a hush around th the water cooler. This workshop has changed the way many 35National BDPA Technology Conferencewomen view their role(s) in the workplace and has helped manyCareer Expo, IT Showcase and HSCC Championships,to create a healthy balance between work and their personalHBCU Roundtable, Youth Technology Conferencelives.August 13-17, 2013 December 2012 for Pre-Registrations,Room Reservations, and Workshop Presentation AbstractsWashington, DC | Host Chapters: BDPA-DC/BDPA NoVA Sponsors and ExhibitorsVisit bdpa.org Groupsites for new BDPA Chapter events Industry has opportunities to enhance their visibility within ournations STEM communities and attract new hires. ContactCareer Communications Group (CCG) this month to reserve yourspace today. btbdpatoday Page 19 www.bdpatoday.org 16. Federal Emergency Management Agency(Dateline: 28 August 2012 - Personnel in the Nationalmitigate all hazards.Guard Command Center (NGCC) in Arlington, Virginia,monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Isaac as it makes its FEMA has approximately 7,500 employees across theway through the Gulf of Mexico. The NGCC, which serves ascountry at Headquarters, the ten regional offices, thea hub that provides an overall tracking and coordination ofNational Emergency Training Center, Center forNational Guard elements, upgraded to 24 hour operationsDomestic Preparedness/Noble Training Center and otherin preparation for Isaac making landfall. Isaacs predictedlocations which rely on real-time data from Commandpath at press time has it threatening the north Gulf Coast and Control Situational Awareness (C2SA) applications.region sometime Tuesday, 28 August, or Wednesday. U.S.Army Photo above by Sergeant First Class Jon Soucy.) FEMA is not the team, but part of a larger team. Their team includes federal partners, state, tribal and localFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Mission officials, private sector firms, non-profit organizations, faith-based groups and the general public.FEMAs mission is to support our citizens and firstresponders to ensure that as a nation we work together On March 1, 2003, the Federal Emergency Managementto build, sustain and improve our capability to prepare Agency (FEMA) became part of the U.S. Department offor, protect against, respond to, recover from and Homeland Security (DHS).bt Source: fema.gov bdpatoday Page 22 www.bdpatoday.org 17. BDPA Student Member Internship/Co-Op Forecast* | Calendar Year 2013 Organization/Agency STEM Focus Projected Deadlines *Established BDPA RelationshipsNational BDPA Platinum SponsorAllstateAll MajorsWinter 2013BDPA ChicagoEngineering, Mechanical, andBDPA-DC & BDPA Philadelphia StudentAmtrakFall 2012/Winter 2013Transportationmembers with 3.0 GPA or higherArmy Corps of Engineers Most STEM majorsWinter 2013 BDPA Baltimore, BDPA HuntsvilleAnalytical, Language, andCentral Intelligence Agency (CIA)October 15, 2012 BDPA-DC, BDPA Northern VirginiaSTEMAnalytical, Computer Science, BDPA Cincinnati, BDPA-DC, BDPACSC Fall 2012/Winter 2013STEM-IC Northern Virginia, BDPA HartfordFinance & Accounting, BDPA-DC, BDPA Northern Virginia GradFreddie MacApril 2013Instructional Design, HRStudent members with 3.3 GPA or higherCS-STEM or STEM-IC; able to BDPA Atlanta, BDPA-DC,HBCU/MI Project OfficeNovember 2012obtain clearances BDPA Houston, BDPA HuntsvilleNational BDPA Platinum SponsorHPCS-STEM Winter 2013BDPA-DC, BDPA NoVA with 3.2 GPABDPA-DC, BDPA Greater Columbia, BDPAIBM CS-STEM | Extreme Blue Fall, Spring, & SummerSouthern Minnesota, BDPA Triangle (RTP)National BDPA Platinum SponsorJohnson & Johnson All Majors Winter/Spring 2013Speak with J&J reps at Regional EventsBDPA Cleveland, BDPA-DC, BDPANASASTEM October 11, 2012Hampton Roads, BDPA HuntsvilleAnalytical, (CSIP) Computer BDPA Baltimore and BDPA-DC ChapterNational Security Agency (NSA)November 15, 2012Science, SIGINT, STEM-ICSTEM-IC (Intell & Cyber) SIGsC4ISR, Engineering, Health IT,BDPA-DC & BDPA Northern Virginia;Northrop Grumman Fall, Spring, & SummerManufacturing, STEM-ICInterns must have strong GPAsDepartment of the NavyAll Majors Fall 2012NBDPA CONUS or NROTCC4ISR, STEM-IC, Systems BDPA Huntsville, BDPA-LA, BDPA Mass-Raytheon Fall, Spring, & SummerEngineering, Communications Metro West (Boston)Communications, CS-STEM,SiriusXM Satellite RadioFall & Spring BDPA-DC & BDPA-NYMultimedia, SATCOMAnalytical, Computer Science,TASCSpring 2013 BDPA-DC & BDPA Northern VirginiaSTEM-ICUnited States Air Force All Majors Fall 2012NBDPA CONUS or AFROTCCollege graduate and undergraduate STEM majors with cumulative GPAsgreater than 3.2 are invited to establish broader professional STEM, Cyber, andICT Industry networks by joining BDPA and actively participating in NationalBDPA Technology Conferences and Career Fairs. Join us August 14-17, 2013, inWashington, D.C., at the Hilton Washington. Your next internship is one stepcloser by visiting www.bdpa.orgbt bdpatodayPage 24www.bdpatoday.org 18. bdpatoday Page 8 www.bdpatoday.org 19. The Best of YouContribute your best & together we will createAmericas best beer company Guided by our vision to create Americas best beer company. MillerCoors commitment runs deep to inspire and support diversity& inclusion in the workplace.MillerCoors employees are passionate about the beer business. We recognize and appreciate our similarities & differences; we bring creativity, innovation and new perspectives to our workplace, customers and brands. Visit the Careers page at MillerCoors.com to view current job opportunities. We are an equal opportunity employer where diversity makes a difference. 2011 MILLERCOORS LLC, CHICAGO, IL, GOLDEN, CO AND MILWAUKEE, WI SD117140 20. bdpatoday Page 9 www.bdpatoday.org 21. GOOD HANDS WORKING TOGETHER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.Allstate is proud to support theNational BDPA Technology ConferencePeople come first. Everything else is second.Thats Allstates Stand. 2010 Allstate Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL 22. bdpatoday Page 14 www.bdpatoday.org 23. FIRST-CLASS MAIL AUTOU.S. POSTAGE PAID WASHINGTON, DC611 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.Suite #213Washington, D.C. 20003-4303 bdpatodayPage 28 www.bdpatoday.org