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Moving the other guy’s resume © Ronald D. Coleman

Moving the Other Guy's Resume

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Neworking skills presentation given to Princeton Alumni Council -- New York Networking Nights Group, 2002

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Moving the other guy’s resume

© Ronald D. Coleman

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1. Establish the relationship

Establish shared interest

Identify need Generate trust

Then do all these things with the OTHER person

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2. Get the document

Paper Electronic

– URL– email

• MSWord or other wp format

– write protection

• Adobe (.pdf)

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3. Scan it

-15 43RD AVENUE, APT B11, SUNNYSIDE, NY 11104 • TEL: (347)661-0690 • Email: [email protected]

Omar HaneefTURNER CONTRUCTION, New York, NY Jan 2001 - PresentContractorCompleting and trouble shooting data migration project.

TIGRIS CONSULTING, New York, NY Dec 2000 – Dec 2001ConsultantSupported strategic sourcing initiative to save $1 billion over three years for a consumer products company. Built automated data collection and analysis applications that identified millions of dollars in savings. Worked closely with other consultants, analysts, managers and directors from the plant to the boardroom. Developed systems and reports to support management track global savings across all savings initiatives.

Analyzed $700 million annual expenditure for a metal and tool company to track strategic sourcing initiatives Handled all data analysis for the client with $1.8 billion in revenue. Merged spending data from different systems and business divisions into existing reporting systems. Identified, communicated and resolved data related problems arising from incompatible assumptions across systems.

Designed security system for internal human resource information system. Analyzed market for security products to determine appropriate solution for client through comparison of encryption

algorithms" Implemented table level security using built in MS Access tools with differential access for different user groups.

GERMAN NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER FOR INFO. TECH., Darmstadt, Germany Jul 1999 - Sep 1999Visiting Research ScholarVisiting scholar at the GMD, to promote research combining artificial intelligence and information retrieval. Designed, published and presented an information retrieval program for multi-national European project Independently suggested and developed project to enhance web search interface.

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, NJ Aug 1996 - Aug 1997ResearcherConducted independent research on computational models of human behavior for the Center for Cognitive Science. Quantified the utility of artificial intelligence technology in the interface used by search engines. Researched background of problems in neuroscience regarding the function of various cortical structures.

Programmed neural networks to model the function of these structures. Gathered and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data on the behaviour of users during data searches.

SWARTHMORE COLLEGE, Swarthmore, PA Jun /July 1994 and 1995Software EngineerDesigned and wrote computer programs, and wrote up their specifications using various languages including C. Coded applications that exploit “touch” feedback interfaces with potential benefits for the visually impaired. Wrote an application to run psychology experiments on humans that led to a publication in a professional journal.

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, NJ Sep 1997 - May 2000M.S, Computer Science and M.A, Cognitive Psychology Lehrman Research Fellowship (GRE: 710/740/740; GPA: 3.6) National Institute of Health Fellowship

SWARTHMORE COLLEGE, Swarthmore, PA Sep 1992 - Sep 1996B.S, Engineering Scott B. Lilly Scholarship (SAT: 690/720) Critical essay and book collection awards.

Technical Skills: Relational Databases, Computer Programming, Interface Design, Web Development,

C, C++, VBA, Perl, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, ASP, HTML. Exposure to SQL Server, Crystal Notes, Oracle Languages: Conversational in French and German

As a prospective employer

As a networker As a friend

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As a prospective employer

Appearance– Format

Obvious errors Scanability Length Objective Questions raised Qualifications

Page 6: Moving the Other Guy's Resume

As a networker Links to your network

– Personal– Institutional– Conceptual

“Incentives” Outside the box Credibility (yours) Cost

Page 7: Moving the Other Guy's Resume

As a friend

“If you want something done right”

Frank assessment Back to the box

Page 8: Moving the Other Guy's Resume

4. Move it!

Build on networking analysis

Ascertain best way to transmit

Close the loop - “BUT” -

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RESPONSIBILITY for follow-up remains with the job-seeker!

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5. Your follow up - Part I

Keep the ball in play Keep the file open Insist on followup

reports – as a condition of

your help? Resolution /


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5. Your follow up - Part II

Maintaining the relationship

Playing it straight Never count chits Support!

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6. Support and follow through

Your credibility really on the line now

Take “ownership” even if not your “placement”

Follow-up networking

Page 13: Moving the Other Guy's Resume

7. Follow-up networking

Congratulations! Feeding leads Following up with

your contact Light touch Networking for life Accepting thanks Accepting no thanks

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Moving the other guy’s resume

© Ronald D. Coleman