Mobile App Tips for Event Exhibitors

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Are you an exhibitor at an event or conference? Learn how to use a mobile event app to connect with attendees and generate leads with creative promotions. This presentation features DoubleDutch Flock: the leading white-label event mobile app. Learn more at


<p>Mobile App Tips for Event Exhibitors</p> <p>Contents1. What Is Flock?</p> <p>2. Flock Features</p> <p>3. About Points and Badges</p> <p>4. Your Exhibitor Listing</p> <p>5. Creating Booth Staff Profiles</p> <p>6. Publishing to the Activity Feed</p> <p>7. Using The App To Run Promotions</p> <p>8. Using The App To Collect Attendee Feedback</p> <p>9. Create A Passport Program Using QR Codes</p> <p>What Is Flock? Flock is an interactive, mobile event app for smartphones and tablets</p> <p> Flock enables every attendee to interact, share activity, and access event information directly from their mobile device like a private social network just for event attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and organizers</p> <p> Exhibitors can use the app to interact with attendees and get the word out about specials and promotions</p> <p> Native apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android tablets </p> <p> An HTML5 app is available for Blackberry and other devices</p> <p>Flock FeaturesUpdate:Type a status update </p> <p>(aka check in) to publish in the activity feed and earn points</p> <p>Tag your update with your current location or an Exhibitor booth</p> <p>Choose whether to attach a photo</p> <p>Feed:See activity from other </p> <p>app users (status updates, photos, etc.)</p> <p>Like and Comment on other users updates</p> <p>Exhibitors List:Get detailed </p> <p>information about "each exhibitor</p> <p>Floor Plan:See interactive maps </p> <p>of the venue, plus exhibitor locations</p> <p>Specials:Directory listing </p> <p>exhibitors who are running show specials</p> <p>Leaderboard:App users get points </p> <p>for check ins and other social activity</p> <p>Users with the most points show up in the leaderboard</p> <p>Profile:Add a profile pictureConnect to social </p> <p>networksAdd friends in the app</p> <p>About Points and Badges Badges and points are a fun way to encourage </p> <p>attendees to engage with the social features of the app</p> <p> App users earn points for doing things in the app, like checking in, sharing photos, commenting on and liking updates from other users</p> <p> Badges are virtual rewards that can be customized by the event organizers. Badges are unlocked by taking certain actions in the app, like adding friends, checking in to specific locations, and by scanning QR codes at Exhibitor booths</p> <p> The badges and points systems are not connected in any way earning a badge will not earn you any points (and vice versa)</p> <p>Your Exhibitor ListingYour exhibitor listing has 3 sections:</p> <p>Check In:Encourage booth </p> <p>personnel as well as attendees to check in to your booth</p> <p>Activity:See a stream of check </p> <p>ins and photos specifically related to your booth</p> <p>Information:This section includes a </p> <p>description about your business and any special promotions</p> <p>Creating Booth Staff Profiles Booth staff can download the app onto their </p> <p>personal mobile device and create their own profile </p> <p>TIP: Its important to use your real name and upload a real profile picture so that attendees can recognize you when they see you at the event</p> <p>Publishing To The Activity Feed Encourage your booth staff to occasionally </p> <p>check in to your booth, post updates, share photos of your products and connect with other attendees in the app</p> <p>TIP: Use your best judgment about using the apps social features for self-promotion. Make sure you arent posting too often, or you could be perceived as being a spammer (and no one likes spam!)</p> <p>Using The App To Run PromotionsHere are a few ways exhibitors can use the app to engage attendees:</p> <p>1. Offer a free gift (schwag) to attendees that check in at and upload a photo of your booth to the activity feed.</p> <p>2. Offer a discount on future services to any attendee who checks in to your booth.</p> <p>3. Run a raffle or giveaway with an attractive, high value prize to enter the raffle, attendees must check in to your booth. Pick a winner at random from everyone who checked in at your booth during the event.</p> <p>Using The App To Collect Attendee Feedback After checking in at your booth, attendees can give your booth a rating on a 5 star scale </p> <p>and attach a review comment </p> <p> Ratings and reviews can be a helpful way to get feedback from attendees and improve your presence at future events</p> <p>Create A Passport Program Using QR CodesEvent organizers can set up a Passport Program to drive traffic to exhibitor booths.</p> <p>How it works:</p> <p> Each booth is given a unique 2D bar code called a QR Code</p> <p> Attendees use the built in scanner in the app to scan codes and prove they visited each booth</p> <p> Attendees who successfully scan codes at all the participating booths are entered to win a prize</p> <p>For more information on Flock, visit"</p> <p>Contact: Julia Graham, Customer Success Manager</p>