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  • 1.mlm here to helpcalm the waters

2. Corporate & Personal SolutionsOur directors have more than 35 years of experience working within the debt managementand business recovery sectors. We specialise in working with our customers to find theright solution for their particular circumstances. We currently employ three InsolvencyPractitioners and more than 30 dedicated and experienced staff and advisors.ABOUT MLMWe have offices in Glasgow city centre, Edinburgh We are not here simply to assist in the funeral ritescity centre and Livingston. We regard ourselves asof those in distress but to seek, where possible, re-birth.a pan-Scottish operation though, and have recentlyAt mlm we are also aware that there are distressingcompleted assignments in Stranraer and Aberdeen.aspects of the industry in which we work. Thus, weOur aim is to find the correct solution for companies always seek to ensure that corporate socialand individuals facing financial distress. We provide responsibility underpins all of our work. Our charitya free consultation for both corporate andpartner is SAMH (Scottish Association for Mentalpersonal clients. Our ethos is to provide honestHealth) and we have undertaken many fund-raisingand transparent information in relation toactivities in association with them. We have recentlydebt issues. We provide advice and guidance inembarked on a series of debt surgeries for SAMHrelation to debt restructuring, business turnaround,referrals that need financial guidance.managed exits and formal insolvency processes.RECOGNITIONWinner of the UK Corporate RecoveryFirm (small firms) of the Year 2010Investors in People 2009 3. mlm is a niche solutions provider, delivering a customer driven and focusedapproach to distressed financial situations. We strive to deliver excellentcustomer service and to achieve maximum profitability within an ethicaland professional environment.OUR PURPOSE & VISION 4. Honesty and transparency ProfessionalismDriven by customer satisfaction Value for MoneyEnthusiasm Respect for ourselves and for othersOUR VALUESGLASGOW OFFICELIVINGSTON OFFICEEDINBURGH OFFICEMLM CPS Ltd MLM CPS LtdMLM CPS Ltd23 Nelson Mandela Place 3 Michaelson Square6 Chester StreetGlasgow, G2 1QY Livingston, EH54 7DP Edinburgh, EH3 7RAT: 0141 228 1333T: 01506 465 205 T: 0131 341 0782T: 0845 051 0210T: 0845 051 1616 T: 0845 051 5. Our ServicesSERVICES FOR LENDERSOur main services for Accountants include:-Lenders are key partners within the business community. Restructuring companies debt using the CVA toolIn almost all cases where we are approached by a distressed Providing technical insolvency supportcompany we will find several types of business finance. Advising on business turnaround and insolvency mattersWe recognise that lenders are key stakeholders and we adopt Restructuring the debt of distressed sole tradersa collaborative approach, with them.and partnerships Working in partnership with your tax advisers, we provideOur main services for Lenders include:- Strategic Exit Solutions for owner managers in a tax Independent Business Reviewsefficient manner Advising on the formal insolvency processes includingCVAs, Administrations and LiquidationsWe always engage the clients Accountants to assist us, Acting as Insolvency Practitioners in formalpost insolvency, where there are sufficient funds to do so.insolvency appointments Provision of free technical training, such as how CVAs work SERVICES FOR DIRECTORS Advising and acting to maximise recoveries in When a company encounters financial difficulties, it ispersonal insolvencies essential for directors to seek competent, professional advice.Once the prospect of failure looms it can be difficult to thinkSERVICES FOR ACCOUNTANTSrationally about the day-to-day requirements of your business.Our focus at mlm is on providing solutions for companiesPerhaps directors have given personal guarantees for companyand individuals facing financial difficulties. We are not debts or are so busy fire-fighting that plotting a way forwardan accountancy practice and this gives us a competitive is difficult. Our corporate solutions team will help you toadvantage over many other insolvency providers. establish which options might be available. 6. Our main services for directors include:-MLM PERSONAL SOLUTIONS Providing assistance in finding new funding or helping We advise many individuals from sole traders to peoplein negotiatiations with existing lenders burdened with consumer debt. Our experience has taught Restructuring the companys debt or helping in trading us that the best way to begin addressing problems is to seekout of difficulties using the CVA tool ways of repaying the debt in full. This approach is always Advising on directors responsibilities and potentialthe most beneficial for both individuals and their creditors.liabilities or penalties Where people simply do not have the ability to repay their debts, Acting as administrators to achieve the best we can advise on both bankruptcy and protected trust deeds.outcome for creditorsThese provide an individual with debt relief and allow the Acting as liquidators in formal winding-ups, so that creditor to close the matter rather than spending further timeall parties, including creditors, employees and customersand resource on a debt that will never be recovered.are properly handled Advising on Strategic Exit Solutions for owner managersOur Personal Solutions include:-seeking to exit the business in a tax efficient manner Advice to debtors, creditors, money advisors Debt restructure for consumer creditors using the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)SERVICES FOR CREDITORS Debt restructure for sole traders and partnershipsWe act for many creditors and their solicitors. These range Protected Trust Deedsfrom Crown creditors to individuals who are simply trying to Sequestration (Scottish term for bankruptcy)recover what is properly due to them. Where there is a debtdue to you or your client and you have exhausted the availableoptions, we may be able to recover what is due to you.In 2010, we recovered 2million for creditors via formalinsolvency processes. 7. Our recent achievementsIn the year to 31 March 2011, we increased our turnoverbecome distracted by a breakdown in relationships atto 1.7million. In the same period, we distributed 2million board level. A combination of these factors culminated into creditors. Our level of returns to creditors was a key factor the business being bereft of the funds it required to meetin mlm winning the UK Corporate Recovery Firm of the Yearits financial obligations. The company was placed intoAward in 2010. We are very proud of this.administration in order to provide immediate protection from its creditors and a going concern sale of the business was achieved in October 2010. Pentlands invoice financeIn 2010, we completed the CVA of a prestigious and providers were repaid in full.award-winning Edinburgh restaurant. Thanks to the support It is anticipated that the companys bankers will also beof both the secured creditor and HMRC, the CVA achieved repaid in full and that the directors will be protected againsta return of 28p in the to unsecured creditors. Had the their gone into administration, creditors would havereceived nothing.We hope also to achieve a return to unsecured creditors. In addition to maximizing the return for creditors, the employees jobs were protected, and the fully functioningIn September 2010, Maureen and Antonia were appointedcompany remains under the guidance of its Administrators of Pentland Precision Engineering Limited.Owing to the general economic downturn, the companyhad encountered diminishing levels of orders throughoutIn October 2010, Maureen was appointed as Provisional2008/09. In addition, key people within the business had Liquidator of Anderson Precision Gears Limited. The company 8. had also suffered from the start of the depressed global Thus we were in a position to complete a proportion ofeconomic conditions in 2007 and had entered into a voluntary the outstanding work in progress and to achieve a goingarrangement with creditors at that time. Through a concern sale in December 2010. As a result of the sale of thecombination of debt compromise by creditors and capitalbusiness, APGs asset finance creditors were repaid in full,injection by the director, the company stabilised. and we anticipate that a return will also be achieved forIn September 2010 though, an order for 300k was belatedly unsecured creditors.withdrawn, leaving the company with an unbridgeable gap As well as making a return to creditors, 20 of the employeesin orders. This led to the company ceasing to trade. jobs were protected and all future work orders were safeguarded.The director approached mlm and the company wasplaced into provisional liquidation in October 2010.By immediately consulting with a number of the companyscustomers and employees we recommenced trading at thecompany during the period of the provisional liquidation. 9. Our PeopleMaureen LeslieDIRECTORI have 22 years experience of corporate recovery and insolvency. Although I take all kinds of insolvencyappointments, my main area of expertise is in providing advice to directors whose companies areexperiencing difficulties. I believe strongly in the business recovery ethos and in the role insolvencypractitioners can bring to distressed situations. I am an enthusiastic advocate of the company voluntaryagreement (CVA) procedure, which I believe, in Scotland, is an underutilised survival tool, protectingcompanies from liquidation.Antonia McIntyreDIRECTORI qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1998 and have 11 years experience of both personal andcorporate insolvency. One of my key areas of specialism is Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL),which is assisting shareholders towards a strategic exit in a tax efficient manner, working with keyaccounting partn