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SWOT Analysis for the terrified.

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  • 1. Learning ObjectivesBy the end of the lesson, you will be able to: Identify the four factors of a SWOT Explain their different features Understand how they relate to each other Give an example of each factor Construct a simple SWOT

2. What is a SWOT Analysis? Planning Matching Dynamic 3. StrengthsWell known brand name Innovative products Excellent customer service Quality manufacturing Niche market 4. Weaknesses Lack of expertise No differentiation Poor location Substandard products Damage to reputation 5. Opportunities Developing and new markets Mergers and alliances Demise of competitors Legislation Changing trends 6. Threats New competitors Price wars Legislation Social changes 7. Helpful HarmfulInternalStrengths(maintain anddevelop)Weaknesses(overcome)ExternalOpportunities(exploit)Threats(minimise) 8. Source - www.strategicmanagementinsight.com 9. Now its your turn! 10. Strengths - McDonalds Brand recognition Global operation Localised menus Strategic store locations Large market share Efficient preparation methods 11. Weaknesses - McDonalds Unhealthy menu Low differentiation Declining market share High employee turnover 12. Opportunities - McDonalds Breakfast market Links with sporting events Specialist menus New markets in emerging nations Expansion of their CSR activities 13. Threats - McDonalds Negative publicity Legal action over additives Competition Changing social attitudes Legislation Economic downturn 14. What have we learnt? What? Why? Apply. 15. For next week PEST Analysis