Measuring Success for your Projects and Business

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Increase your chances of both project and business success.


  • 1. Measuring Success (Business & Projects) Author: Carl

2. Measuring Success Why? Supports vision and strategy Keeps us focused on the big picture Defines and maintains standards - Drives appropriate behaviour - Measures progress - Adds value - Increases the chances of success 3. More With Less Measuring Success: What does success mean for the Project Team/Business?Measure, track and implement supporting processStrategic Direction: Make strategy happenManage change to get thereImprove: ProductivityProject and Programme performanceProject and Programme 4. Key Performance Indicators -Focused High impact Targeted and measure cash releasing/time saving benefits/initiatives Support overall strategy and aims SMART based (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) 5. KPI Examples Executive Level: -Project/Programme slippage-Financial (Spend versus Forecast, Overall Spend) 6. Maturity Model Improvement 7. Project/Programme Toolkit One stop shop for project needs (templates, guidance, management processes) moving 8. We Must Reduce: Duplication of effortUnnecessary drain on stretched resourcesTime spent initiating, measuring and managingMistakesDevelop & Utilise: Standard reporting, processes and proceduresSkills and capabilitiesControlsWhat we do 9. For More Contact 80/20 Consultations Ltd ( PMO & Project Toolkit Setup/Consulting: Simplify Your Projects and Make Managing Them EasierStandard Templates and Processes to Match Your NeedsReduce Unnecessary Drain on Stretched ResourcesIncrease Project SuccessProductivity and Process Improvement Consulting: Achieve MoreFocus Resource and Effort on What Matters MostImprove Business Approach to Email and MeetingsIncrease Your Chances of Business


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