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Marketing SessionAbdullah AlghandoniMutaz Ghuni1

Meet abdullah @alghadouniI love TEA and COOKING. I am ramping up the Spoilee platform ( Beauty services marketing platform), girls can book their beauty appointments from their iphones. SO CHECK IT OUT AND TELL YOUR SIS , MUMs , GIRLFRIENDS, and WIVES ;)

I have built hundreds of websites and portals for individuals and organizations since 2001.I have led campaigns offline and online with over $ 4 M budgets in KSA and the region at one GO !.I have launched 13 NOKIA devices campaigns in the region.I have led the biggest classifieds platform in the region dubizzle SAUDI campaign.I have structured different marketing practice and department strategies for TELECO, INFO TECH, and startups in SAUDI and UAE.I have written over 20000 words in my blogs Arabic and English.I have given more than 40 workshops for +450 marketing professionals in the region as the first ARABIC certified INBOUND marketing professional.I am an active blogger and podcaster , check to know more @ALGHADOUNI


Users online


Smartphone Penetration Rate

71% are using internet daily on their smartphone80% are using mobile apps every day80% clicked on an mobile advert58% have visited a business after making a research on their mobile39% had made a purchase transaction via their mobile within the last month


51 M mobile subscriber in Saudi ArabiaMobile Penetration in Saudi Arabia 187% Smartphone penetration is: 73%Prepaid makes up 85% of marketCITC 2015


Companies vs. ConsumersBalance of Power


The Breakup


Pull and Push Strategies? StrategyDemandDemand? StrategyPull marketing focusses on creating content and pushing it out there to get as much reach as possible.Push marketing involves creating searchable content that consumers find that attracts them to you.


MARKETING OBJECTIVESExample: There are 20,000 searches in KSAper month, about makeup. There is high competition for most of the search terms. With aggressive search marketing and a very strong sales focused website, we estimate to generate 50 qualified sales leads or more per month by Dec. 2016.S SpecificM MeasurableA AttainableR RelevantT Time Based@ALGHADOUNI



Search OptimisationSearch MarketingEmail MarketingDigital Display AdvertisingSocial Media MarketingMobile MarketingAnalytics

ToolsDigital channels can be grouped under the following headings:

ARE YOU INTEGRATED ? All should lead to one thing


Inbound Marketing Components

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing@ALGHADOUNI



Audience fallaciesThere is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions, it rarely moves anyone. Fairfax M. Cone, 1952 Founder, Foote, Cone & Belding Advertising We target youth 18-38 all over Saudi Arabia.We target womenWe target mumsWe target children!We target expatsWe target premium buyers!We are only looking for mid to high classWe target low income@ALGHADOUNI

Persona examples

Create 2-3 personas for your target market.DemographicsPsychographicsBehavioristic

Demographics Age Gender Race/ethnicity Income Education Family Status

Geography Residence location Work location Place of origin Choice of recreation area

Usage/Behavior Frequent/Infrequent Subscriber/single ticket Plan-ahead/impulse Stated

Intentions Plan to come more, less, the same Will/will not renew

Attitude/Belief/Opinion Likes/Dislikes Preferences Values@ALGHADOUNI

Zoes comments good interaction slide18

Know more and validate@ALGHADOUNI

Know more and validate

Dont get dragged by high level info or rumors like facebook is dead!@ALGHADOUNI


Blindness : ad-blocking software will lead to nearly $22 billion in lost advertising revenue this year representing a 41% rise from 2014 A report published by Adobe in 2015.Low interaction rate as typical CTR average is %0.1-1.00% in most campaigns in mature markets.Good tool for visual branding.Challenges and opportunities

Structure: Start small and get better Budget: Start small and invest based on successCalendar: Organic with no end pointPersonnel: New work so new skills requiredBeyond Marketing: We are all in marketing now Changes in PlanningWhat are the implications for marketing departments and their campaign planning?


Concepts: Positioning30% of users click here and on the right

(Paid listings)70% of users click here (Organic listings)

Explain to students the weighting of clicks on the search engine result page.25

THERE IS ALWAYS A TRAILThis is the real power you haveSearchBuyClickRegisterSearch for a lipstickClick on ad campaignSign up/Install AppsOrder/Request SamplesLocation, Interest, AgeSpecific RequirementUrgencyBudget

What are my biz topics?Important question to answer:1- Why are we doing this ?2- What business am I in ? 3- What level of competition?$- What are the opportunities?5- What are the limitations?6- what are the trends and behaviors of my TA?

Account Structure: understand that a Google Account structure is built on Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads. Advantages of good Ad Group Organisation: simplified management, optimisation and reporting, improved performance in terms of lower cost per click, and higher quality score from Google.

Campaign Process: SetupADAd Groups contains their own keywords and ads.CPC set for individual keywordsAD GROUP(Max 20,000 per Campaign) Group Ads for quality and/or subjectConfigure CPC for GroupsCAMPAIGN(Max 10,000) Configure language, geographic targeting and budget. Campaigns contains multiple ad Groups







[LECTURER NOTES]Reference the anagram CAAKE which I always find easy to remember;C CampaignsA Ad GroupsA AdsK KeywordsE Extensions29


Campaign subtypes include:StandardAll featuresMarketing objectives

Ad groups conceptsAd group :dessertsAd group: beveragesAd group: snackscupcakessodapotato chipspumpkin piescoffeepita chipsapple pieiced coffeebeef jerkychocolate cakeiced teasalted peanutsice creamsparkling watermixed nutscookiesorange juicerice crackers

Highlight what makes you uniqueInclude prices, promotions, and exclusivesEmpower customers to take actionInclude at least one of your keywordsMatch your ad to your landing pageAppeal to customers on mobileExperimentCheck for common ad text mistakesTEXT ADS best practice25 characters for the headline.70 characters of ad text.35 characters for the Display URL.

Google adwords

Leaderboard 728 x 90Half Banner 468 x 60MPU 300 x 250Island 180 x 150WideSkysraper160 x 600Skyscraper120 x 600Ads: Industry StandardIAB

1. Have a clear CTA2. Have a great hero image 3. Have great branding4. Company logo5. Include a promotion6. Include a sense of urgency7. Include a headline8. Match your landing page to your ad9. Size correctly10. Always be testingStatic display ADS best practice


Video ADS best practiceDefine your audience before creating your video.Get to the point.Keep it short.Create an obvious storyline.Test different video components.Capitalize on blockbuster concepts.


mobile ADS best practice



Purpose and goals of the session38

Purpose and goals of the sessionUnderstand metrics, how to measure them and how to use themPractical techniques you can use to not get lost in metricsIdentify your one metric that matters and drive goals from itFocus on the right metrics for your business39

Mutaz GhuniMutaz GhuniFounding team in E-CommerceSea, launched Vanilla eShop (one of the fist online shops in Saudi), the now make more than a million SAR in monthly revenuesFounding team in Feelit, launched an app called Chubble in San Francisco, Chubble was number 2 in product hunt upon release, reached number 1 in the app store in 2 countries and top 10 in 8 countries.Co-Founder of #Pay, released 4 months ago, handled more than 10m SAR in revenues and served more than 7000 unique customers



AgendaChoosing the right metrics for your startups (the one metric that matters)Creating the digital marketing funnelChoosing the right metrics for the funnelCase study 1Case study 2Applying some of the concepts on your startups42

Collecting data Google AnalyticsFlurry MixPanelIntercomChartBeatTypeForm43

Google Analytics44


Twitter Fabric 46





How to make use of these tools?51


Choosing the one metric that mattersWhy?Answers the most important questions you haveForces you to have very clear goalsFocuses the entire company on one very clear goal Inspire a culture of experimentation 53


Lets try it outWhat do you think the most important metric for:FacebookWhatsaapSlackAirBnBSouthwest Airlines54

Vanity metricsCommon vanity metrics:Number of hitsNumber of page views Number of visits Number of unique visitorsNumber of followers / friends / likesTime on site / pages browsedNumber of emails registeredNumber of downloads..55