iPhone 3gs VS BlackBerry Storm HotGrinds Demo Web Survey

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Here is a Web Survey Demo made by HotGrinds on the iPhone 3gs and the BlackBerry Storm.We have analyzed user comments from the main blogs and forums on the web with our unic semantic tool.

Text of iPhone 3gs VS BlackBerry Storm HotGrinds Demo Web Survey

  • 1. Blackberry Storm vs.Apple iPhone3GS
    • Web Survey Target: 2009

2. Outline

  • Key Indicators
  • Sources
  • Conclusion

3. 2500 Comments 4. Key Indicators Carrier is OK (vs. AT&T) Caution: BB customers also like Apple and the iPhone Quality is just OK Hardware is where the Storm scores MUCH better than the iPhone 3GS Storm customers like their brand and their phone 5. Key Indicators Overall, a bad feedback for iPhone 3GS Quality and appearance below par because of the hardware problems Huge problem on hardware for the iPhone 3GS Iphone 3GS customers dislike their brand because its not listening to them 6. Storm: Zoom On Quality Users like the features offered by the Storm Would be worth investigating further 7. iPhone: Zoom On Hardware Huge screen problem. Other hardware problems are marginal Complaints about quality are the consequence of the hardware issue 8. Storm: Sources Storm scores well on major sources And on the long tail as well 9. Storm: Similar Distribution +/- 10.

  • Today, Storm gets consistently better feedback.
  • Storm is perceived by its users as a solid product with decent features.
  • If the iPhone 3GS gets better feedback around its screen issues, it will become almost immediately a major magnet for Storm users, who also like the Apple brand and its product.