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Positioning Analysis INFINITI G20 Hussain Al-Haddad Maziar Mahboubian Anthony Tham Jillian Toda

Infiniti G20 Positioning - Marketing Strategy

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  • 1. Positioning AnalysisINFINITI G20Hussain Al-HaddadMaziar MahboubianAnthony ThamJillian Toda

2. AGENDA Background Segments Positioning Map Segment Analysis & Selection Bonus: 3D Analysis 3. THE CASE 1989, Nissan entered luxury car market:Infiniti Late to game Poor evaluations and advertisements 1990, Infiniti introduced G20 to the US Need: Positioning of G20 4. THE SEGMENTS Segment One (S1) Western, Yuppie, Singles Important Attributes: Quietness, Prestige,Successful, Overall Segment Two (S2) Upwardly Mobile Families Important Attributes: Roominess, Quietness,Overall Segment Three (S3) American Dreamers Important Attributes: Successful, Attractive 5. German Feel, Japanese Car? Selected Average Perception Ratings - S1876543210Attractive Quiet PrestigeSuccessful Overall G20 HondaSaab BMW 6. WHY LEAVE S1? Crowded segment G20 scores the highest only in oneimportant attribute 7. WHY NOT S3?Selected Average Perception Ratings - S376543210AttractiveSportyEasy Service Successful AvantGarde G20 Toyota Honda Saab 8. WHY S2?Selected Average Preference Ratings - S29876543210S2G20 Audi Saab 9. WHY S2? Selected Average Perception Ratings - S28L x W x H (inches) City/highway mpg:175 x 66.7 x 54.9 24/327 Vs.Vs.176 x 67.6 x 54.3 18/246543210Quiet Roomy PrestigeEconomicalOverallG20 Audi Saab 10. WHY S2? Less crowded Competitive advantage in twoimportant attributes Attributes roomy and economicalare misperceived 11. INTEGRATED MARKETINGCOMMUNICATION Focus on S2s top preference attributes Family themed ads Relaxed outdoor activities Emphasize and compare Roominess Economical advantages of G20 12. MARKETING ACTIVITIESProductTVMagazinesPlacement inMoviesDay-time TV 1) Business In movies that2) Infant & Parenting appeal to the3) Entertainmentsegment 13. FURTHER RESEARCH Actual noise levels More psychographics of S2 Spending habits, etc. Audi 90s sales data and trends Post-marketing evaluation study 14. TAKEAWAYS Target the segment where you canhave a competitive advantage Flexibility matters Look at segment size Read customer perceptions carefully 15. THANK YOU! 16. BONUS: 3D ANALYSIS