I want my bike back - #LsmBoulder 1st Place

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Text of I want my bike back - #LsmBoulder 1st Place

  • i want my bike back Lean Startup Machine Boulder, CO May 20, 2012
  • Problem: 2 million broken hearts
  • SoluDon iwantmybikeback GPS tracking device and mobile/ web applicaDon
  • Enter, Elena (the target) The Commuter Bike is integral to life $500 bike Disposable income Trendy Uses social media Has a smartphone Early Adopter Looking for a soluDon to keep her bike safe
  • IteraDons ITERATIONS 1 2 3 4 Test Alarm, RFID, Fitness App People will Price GPS, lock? SubscripDon not act AssumpDon People want Want more FatalisDc People will GPS features pay $100 Metrics VALIDATED INVALIDATED INVALIDATED VALIDATED 8/17 2/12 7/10 21/23 Learned Locks dont cut No monthly File police $100 is good it fee reports AcDon PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT PERSEVERE
  • @wantmybikeback A/B tesEng 10 visits per hour
  • iwantmystuack.com
  • QuesDons & Answers THANK YOU.