How Tree Care Professionals Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

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This is a webinar intended to preview the fundamentals of social media marketing in advance of a more in depth session for tree care professionals at the 2010 TCIA EXPO in Pittsburgh, PA on November 11 at 7:30 a.m. That session is entitled Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness with Social Media Engagement.


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How Tree Care Professionals Can UseHow Tree Care Professionals Can UseSocial Media to Grow Their Business

Presented by Jeff KorhanNew Media and Small Business Marketing

August 12, 2010August 12, 2010

The Relationship Economy The Relationship Economy

2010 B i T d2010 Business Trends

1. Human-Centric Business

2. Collaborative Markets

3. Sustainable Communities

Monitor Your BrandMonitor Your Brand

Transparency and Transparency and EngagementEngagement

Do Your Research

L K dLearn Keywords1. Location2. Expertise3 Credentials3. Credentials

R l Ti S hReal Time Search

and Geo-Locationand Geo-Location

Content ManagementContent ManagementContent ManagementContent Management

Social Media

The Source


Inbound BlogLinks


CommunitiesCommunitiesH l Th D M Help Them Do More

of what THEY Want to Do

LinkedInLinkedIn Social CRM Research Research LinkedIn Groups

FacebookFacebook Wisdom of Friends ResearchResearch Facebook Pages

Social Community that Supports Your BusinessSocial Community that Supports Your Business

TwitterM i R h

Twitter Massive Reach Engagementg g Real-time search

FlickrFlickr SMO - Social Media Objects

Facebook IntegrationFacebook Integration Creative Commons


YouTube YouTube Channel

Keyword Phrases Keyword Phrases Video is Transportable


Blog Ownership

Flexibility and ControlFlexibility and Control Social Media Hub

Blogging is Storytelling Blogging is Storytelling with a Purpose

Visibility Reputation and Authority ReferralsReferrals

iPhone AppiPhone App

I dont get .

Take ActionTake Action

Getting Started with Social Media A Small Business ChecklistA Small Business Checklist

Join Me on Thursday November 11th7:30 a.m.

Increase Your Marketing EffectivenessIncrease Your Marketing Effectiveness with Social Media Engagement

speaker@jeffkorhan.comp @j630-774-8350

Twitter Hashtag is #TCIAEXPO