How Tree Care Professionals Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

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This is a webinar intended to preview the fundamentals of social media marketing in advance of a more in depth session for tree care professionals at the 2010 TCIA EXPO in Pittsburgh, PA on November 11 at 7:30 a.m. That session is entitled Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness with Social Media Engagement.


<p>Microsoft PowerPoint - 2010Aug12_Webinar_TCIA_Slideshare</p> <p>How Tree Care Professionals Can UseHow Tree Care Professionals Can UseSocial Media to Grow Their Business </p> <p>Presented by Jeff KorhanNew Media and Small Business Marketing</p> <p>August 12, 2010August 12, 2010</p> <p>The Relationship Economy The Relationship Economy </p> <p>2010 B i T d2010 Business Trends</p> <p>1. Human-Centric Business</p> <p>2. Collaborative Markets</p> <p>3. Sustainable Communities</p> <p>Monitor Your BrandMonitor Your Brand</p> <p>Transparency and Transparency and EngagementEngagement</p> <p>Do Your Research</p> <p>L K dLearn Keywords1. Location2. Expertise3 Credentials3. Credentials</p> <p>R l Ti S hReal Time Search</p> <p>and Geo-Locationand Geo-Location</p> <p>Content ManagementContent ManagementContent ManagementContent Management</p> <p>Social Media</p> <p>The Source</p> <p>BlogMedia</p> <p>Inbound BlogLinks</p> <p>WEBSITE</p> <p>CommunitiesCommunitiesH l Th D M Help Them Do More </p> <p>of what THEY Want to Do</p> <p>LinkedInLinkedIn Social CRM Research Research LinkedIn Groups</p> <p>FacebookFacebook Wisdom of Friends ResearchResearch Facebook Pages</p> <p>Social Community that Supports Your BusinessSocial Community that Supports Your Business</p> <p>TwitterM i R h </p> <p>Twitter Massive Reach Engagementg g Real-time search</p> <p>FlickrFlickr SMO - Social Media Objects</p> <p> Facebook IntegrationFacebook Integration Creative Commons</p> <p>YouTubeC</p> <p>YouTube YouTube Channel</p> <p> Keyword Phrases Keyword Phrases Video is Transportable</p> <p>BlogO</p> <p>Blog Ownership</p> <p> Flexibility and ControlFlexibility and Control Social Media Hub</p> <p>Blogging is Storytelling Blogging is Storytelling with a Purpose</p> <p> Visibility Reputation and Authority ReferralsReferrals</p> <p>iPhone AppiPhone App</p> <p>I dont get .</p> <p>Take ActionTake Action</p> <p>Getting Started with Social Media A Small Business ChecklistA Small Business Checklist</p> <p></p> <p>Join Me on Thursday November 11th7:30 a.m.</p> <p>Increase Your Marketing EffectivenessIncrease Your Marketing Effectiveness with Social Media Engagement</p> <p>speaker@jeffkorhan.comp @j630-774-8350</p> <p>Twitter Hashtag is #TCIAEXPO</p>