How to Integrate Digital Marketing into your Business

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Digital Marketing Process Review. Every business needs to review their digital marketing on at least an annual basis to ensure that they are doing the right things, at the right time and in the right place. Digital Marketing is a fast moving field as technologies are developed and usage adapts. This presentation takes you through a strategic review of your digital marketing.

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  • 1. How to Integrate Digital Marketing into your business

2. What is your ultimate goal for your business? What would you like the business to be doing in 3 years time? Business Objectives 3. Market Analysis Whats happening in your market place? What are your competitors doing? What will affect your business? Socially Technologically Economically Environmentally Politically 4. Key Messages With a good understanding of your market, what are they key messages you want to get across? What is the best way for you to engage with your prospects and customers? What content would your prospects and customers find most useful? 5. Web Site Review What message does your web site convey? How easy is to use? What do you do to keep it up to date? What process do you have in place to add regular content to it? How does the web site engage with the visitors? 6. Keyword Strategies What keywords are important to your company? What keywords do your customers use to find you? What analysis have you done to ensure you are targeting the right keywords? 7. Content & Articles How many articles a month do you write for your news/case studies/expert articles? What engagement do you get with your customers? What feedback do you get from your readers? 8. Social Media Which social media sites are appropriate for your business? What effort do you put into developing your presence on those sites? What presence do your competitors have? How often do your customers engage with you on the social media sites? 9. Outbound Email What do you send to your prospects and customers whose email you have? How often do you send them information that helps them (rather than sells to them)? What have you done to segment the list so that email recipients only get what is relevant? 10. Inbound Marketing What do you do to get prospects and customer email addresses? What do you do to ensure you have permission to email them information? Do you have contact forms on your web site? Do you exchange information such as downloadable reports etc in exchange for their email address? 11. Measurement What activity in your digital marketing do you measure? How often do you measure it? Whose sees the results? How often do they see results? What actions result from analysing the results? 12. Making it Happen If you are struggling to get Digital Marketing to work in your business, give Peter Dickinson a call on 0845 053 7417 or email growth@kub- for a free confidential chat with no obligation.