How to develop an effective marketing campaign

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1How To Develop an Effective Marketing

Key Components Be informative Provide answers to questions that your readers may haveGood timingFollow up with prospects in a timely mannerConsistencyMake sure your prospects have a smooth journey through buying cycle

www.apexassisting.comWhats the Game Plan?

Follow These 6 StepsCreate an amazing offerPlace it on your websiteContinue to educate with WorkflowsUtilize email marketingIncorporate blogs and social mediaMeasure your results

www.apexassisting.comCreating Your

Create content for your ideal clientsYour offer should resolve problems, provide answers or entertain your buyer persona

Format your content in ways that are most appeasing to your ideal clients. (e.g. white papers, videos, podcasts, e-books, etc.)

Focus on topics that generate the most interaction

Reuse old content by modifying or changing the format of it

www.apexassisting.comPut The Offer On Your Website

Create A Visual/Informative Landing Page A free downloadable (e.g. e-books, demos, free trials, etc.) that will convert visitors into leads

The headline should be short and easy to understand

The image should be vibrant and attention grabbing

The opt-in form should be short and able to collect customer info

Have calls to action placed throughout your website


Further Educate Your ProspectsChoose appropriate content based on the specific needs of the individuals or companies you are trying to targetBecome a trusted advisor or credible resourceCreate a conversation for your prospects to feel compelled to reach outMake sure youre targeting the right audienceDo your competitor researchwww.apexassisting.comUtilize Email Marketing

www.apexassisting.comTargeted/Segmented EmailsTargeted emails perform better than emails that are sent out to mass groups

Personalize your emails for a better conversion rate

Each email should be:Mobile friendlySEO friendlyShareable on Social Mediawww.apexassisting.comUtilize Blogging and Social

Blogging Drive traffic to your landing page

Make sure that your blogs are optimized to rank well on search engines

Use attention grabbing topics for each post

Break the content up into sections so that its easier to scan through

Incorporate vibrant images www.apexassisting.comSocial MediaFocus on the platforms where your ideal clients spend the bulk of their time

Be strategic in the times you post and how often you post

Encourage your readers to share your posts

Utilize hashtags to extend the reach of your postswww.apexassisting.comBuild a Clutter Free List of ProspectsMake your leads more sales ready

Save time and money by prequalifying your leads before they are handed over to sales

Segment your list into smaller groups based on their interests

www.apexassisting.comMeasure Your Results

www.apexassisting.comThe ResultsFor landing page results check



Conversion Rates

New Leads

New Customers

www.apexassisting.comThe Results For call-to-action results checkView-to-click rate Click-to-submission rate

For email results check Click-through rate Unsubscribe rate

www.apexassisting.comThe Results For blog post results checkNumber of viewsCall-to-Action Click-through rate

For social media results checkClick-through rateNumber of shareswww.apexassisting.comFinal NoteDeveloping a stellar marketing campaign enhances your ability to get your product or service in front of your buyer persona.

Consistently educating and following up with prospects allows them to smoothly transition down the sales funnel. If you would like help developing any aspect of your marketing plan, wed love to assist you.

Visit our website at to see samples of our websites and landing pages that we have developed for some our clients.

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