How to Create a Compelling Ecommerce Experience

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Experts from O3World and RJMetrics discuss best practices for creating a compelling online store.


  • 1.You will learn... How to design a great product detail page. Why your brand is so important in your online store. How (and why!) to think like your customer.and much more!#compellingecommerce

2. How do we create a compelling online shopping experience? 3. How do we Create a Compelling Online Shopping Experience? Understand your customer, your business and your technical requirements. Finding the product, information architecture, and search features. Provide information the customer needs to make a decision. Convey the personality of the brand.#compellingecommerce 4. Web Analytics is Your Friend Measure your site architecture heavily: Funnel Analysis Where do people click from home page? Where do people click from search results? What pages cause visitors to leave the site? A/B test different versions of your biggest drop-off points Log events: user performed search, etc. Store all the data, even if you dont use it yet!#compellingecommerce 5. Provide the Info They Need. Compel the User to Purchase. Keep it Simple.#compellingecommerce 6. Personality of the brand#compellingecommerce 7. Tailoring the Shopping Experience to the Product 8. Whats the Experience the Customer Should Have? How can you help the buyer make a decision? How do we highlight the value of the product? How do we make a connection with the customer? 9. Focus on the Personality of the Product while Providing Value#compellingecommerce 10. Show the Customer what They Cant Live Without#compellingecommerce 11. Make it Personal#compellingecommerce 12. Customizing the site experience to the brand identity 13. Customizing the Site to the Brand Experience How do you translate the brand experience online? What about when your brand isnt well known? How does the eCommerce experience play into the experience on other channels?#compellingecommerce 14. Become the Customer#compellingecommerce 15. Become the Customer#compellingecommerce 16. Become the Customer#compellingecommerce 17. Become the Customer#compellingecommerce 18. Make it Unique#compellingecommerce 19. Make it Unique#compellingecommerce 20. Make Your Brand known When It Isnt#compellingecommerce 21. Omni-Channel Commerce: The Endless Aisle#compellingecommerce 22. Omni-Channel Commerce: The Endless Aisle#compellingecommerce 23. Omni-Channel Commerce: The Endless Aisle#compellingecommerce 24. Creating an Experience Around Product Detail Pages 25. Creating an Experience Around Product Detail Pages What makes a product detail page engaging? How does the product page provide the user with the information they need to make a decision? Whats the importance of descriptions within the product page?#compellingecommerce 26. Your Images Are Your Product#compellingecommerce 27. Your Images Are Your Product#compellingecommerce 28. Give the User What They Want and Dont Know They Need#compellingecommerce 29. Unique Brand Attributes#compellingecommerce 30. Related Products: Custom Rules#compellingecommerce 31. Key Takeaways 32. Key Takeaways Understand your customer and biz requirements first Focus on your navigation: let your stats show you the way Define your brand experience: in store = online = all channels Cater your product detail page specifically to your product and user#compellingecommerce