How Peak Games Captured Turkey, Middle East and North Africa in 14 Months? -April 2012

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Checking the emerging markets code: How Peak Games Captured Turkey, Middle East and North Africa in 14 Months? - Who is Peak Games? - Our Playground - What Have We Done - How?

Text of How Peak Games Captured Turkey, Middle East and North Africa in 14 Months? -April 2012

  • 1. CRACKING THE EMERGING MARKETS CODE:How peak games captured Turkey, Middle East and North Africa in 14 months

2. AGENDAWho is Peak Games? Our PlaygroundWhat have we done? How? 3. PEAK GAMES ISTHE LEADING ONLINEGAMING COMPANY OFTURKEY AND MENA**Middle East & North Africa 4. VPeak Games is the leading online gaming company in Turkey &MENA regions.We are a network that provides a portfolio of online & mobilegames to a monthly user-base of 30 Million peopleWe create games, publish games, service games and manage anetwork of gamers that are connected via different mediums. 5. SO WHAT DO WE DO?Culturally Relevant Synchronous Games 6. SO WHAT DO WE DO?Social Casual Games 7. SO WHAT DO WE DO? Mobil Games 8. SO WHAT DO WE DO? Browser-Based MMOs 9. PEAK GAMES ISTHE LEADING ONLINE GAMING NETWORK OFTURKEY AND MENA* CLIENT GAMES*Middle East & North Africa 10. AGENDAWho is Peak Games? Our PlaygroundWhat have we done? How? 11. TURKEY & MENA REGIONS ARE EXPECTEDTO SHOW STRONG GROWTH OF INTERNETAND MOBILE PENETRATION 12. TURKEY35TUNISIA4.6 SYRIA3.9 IRAQ 15.5 ALGERIALEBANON 1.3 1.6 MOROCCO4.3 2.4LIBYA EGYPTKUWAIT 0.9JORDAN1.2 QATAR 0.9 21.5UAE SAUDI ARABIA3.9 10.51.9 Number of internet users OMANYEMEN2.5Total of 113M internet users in 2011, expected to reach 300M by 201515M smartphone users in 2011, expected to reach 100M by 2015Note: Excluding IsraelSource: Analyst Reports 13. THE 3RD LARGEST POPULATION IN THE WORLD 1,360 mn1,280 mn487 mn312 mnTHIS REGION HAS HUGETHE 4TH LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLDECONOMIC POTENTIAL;COMBINED THEY HAVE $14.5 T$5.8 T$5.5 T $4.1 T$3.2 T ONE OF THE YOUNGEST DEMOGRAPHICS IN THE WORLD444037 26 14. THE REGION IS ALSO VERY ATTRACTIVEFROM A TECHNOLOGY PERSPECTIVE 15. TURKEY MENA 38 mn77 mn115 MILLION INTERNET USERS WITH AMPLE ROOM TO GROW FURTHER 39%PENETRATION 27%PENETRATIONLARGE GROWTH IN WIRELESS REACH 252 % 25 32 %363(# OF 3G SUBS*)7.170 *Source: Analysysmason2010 20112010 201631 mnUSERS38 mnUSERS70 MILLION 31 mn users (90% of online pop.)FACEBOOK USERS 17% GROWTH30% GROWTH (6 mo)(6 mo) TURKEY IS THE: # of FB users(Turkey + MENA) 6th largest country on FacebookTECH USERS IN THE REGION 8th largest on Twitter 30 % 250ARE EXTREMELY ENGAGED 5th most engaged (by minutes spent online) 67 2010 2015*Source: Analysysmason 16. AGENDAWho is Peak Games? Our PlaygroundWhat have we done? How? 17. PEAK GAMES HAS BECOMETHE 5TH LARGEST SOCIAL GAMING COMPANYGLOBALLY IN LESS THAN A YEAR AND A HALF 18. Global Social Game RankingPeak Games DAU* growth RANK NAME DAU FOCUS 1 59 mn Global10.0 9.0 8.4 8.5 8.6 8.0 2 11.6 mn Global7.0 6.05.6 5.37.0 4.8 3 5.04.5 4.4 4.4 9.8 mn Global 4.0 3.5 3.0 3.0 3.1 3.0 3.0 42.0 8.9 mn Global 2.0 1.0 1.0 5 8.6 mn Regional 0.0Jul-11 Jun-11 Oct-11Jan-11Jan-12 Apr-11 Apr-12Mar-11Mar-12 Feb-11 Feb-12 Aug-11 Dec-10 Dec-11Nov-11Sep-11May-11 Peak Games had done this despite being the only company that has a regional focus, competing against globally focused companies* Daily Active Users (unique)Source: (April 2012) 19. MAKING PEAKS PHENOMENAL GROWTH COMPARABLE TO SOME OF THEHOME RUNS OF THE TECH WORLD 20. PEAK GAMES DAU COUNT VS. COMPETITION NUMBER OF USERS 2,6 x 27 mn MAU 8,6 x15 mn RU 12,3 x 12 mn RU 7,8 xPeak has more active users than Foursquare and PinterestPeak has already beaten some of the household names in social gaming 21. TIME TO 10 M USERS~270 days780 days850 daysPeak has reached 10 mn users much faster than Twitter and Facebook*User in both cases is defined as MAU for Peak Games, RU is registered user, and UU is unique user Source: 22. OUR CURRENT SITUATION150 people6 Offices (Istanbul, Ankara, Amman, Damman, Berlin, Barcelona)5 rounds of investments in first 7 months, raised 20M USDFacebook, Browser, Client & Mobile games. 9M DAU & 30M MAU on Facebook3M users on core games www.peakplus.com5 acquisitions & acqui-hires up to date: Kammelna acquisition largest gaming company in Saudi Arabia region Umaykut & Erlikhan studio acquisitions creating teams behind popular mid-core games in Turkey Game Turk acquisition the leading MMO publisher in Turkey Okey studio acqusition largest multiplayer synchronous game in Turkey and the team behind it 23. AGENDAWho is Peak Games? Our PlaygroundWhat have we done? How? 24. LOCAL PRESENCE & KNOW-HOWFIRST OF...An AMAZING local team with both invaluable experience ininternet & gaming businesses ISTANBULANKARA BERLIN BARCELONA DAMMAMAMMAN 25. LOVE FOR WHAT WE DO Passion for games 26. A SPECIFIC TARGETWere not here to conquer the world:A vision & target to serve deserving & underpenetrated markets Find the right content Focus to service it rightWe are not a game studio- even though we make games. We are a distribution platform.Our focus is to provide whatever the user wants, irrelevant of game genre or network 27. some specifics... 28. Product CREATIONFocus on Relevant TitlesCreate culturally relevant games Okey is a traditional Turkish game played in the offline world for ages 1 of every 2 people in Turkey on Facebook has installed Okey 29. Product CREATION Focus on Relevant Titles Focus on games that are inherently social & viralKammelna is a traditional card game- named Baloot- targeting Gulf region, played with 4 people 30. Product CREATION Focus on Relevant TitlesCreate a community within a community People creating chat rooms / game rooms to find people from their region, with their interests, speaking the same language Sending each other virtual items found in physical Turkish & Arabic coffee houses 31. games as a service 32. GAMES AS A SERVICE BUSINESS Heavy localization & culturalization of the gameFocus on the culture, the geographyOur game Happy Farm celebrates Ramadan over Christmas & Eid over Easter 33. GAMES AS A SERVICE BUSINESSImpeccable Customer SupportEvery customer ticket received by our team is answered in native language & local lingo on avg. under 1.5 hours 34. GAMES AS A SERVICE BUSINESSCommunity Outreach Make sure to create relevant, shareable content for users Provide useful information about the game (news on upgrades, promotion/discount summary, new features etc 35. data speaks 36. CULTURE OF EXPERIMENTATIONWe use data to understand the behavior of the playerExperimentation & A/B testing are critical tools we use for game designMain approach is monitoring data continuously and try to approach it in different ways 37. network effect 38. SINCE INCEPTION, PEAK HAS ENJOYEDOVER 95M INSTALLS PEAKMOBILETOP GROSSINGGAMES IN FACEBOOKTURKEY 9M DAU27M MAU gameturk.comCAF NETWORKCore game userbase of xm people20K CAFES IN NETWORK,PARTNER TO PEAK PEAKPAY & PEAKKARTPAYMENT PLATFORM 39. WE LISTEN TO OUR PEOPLEWE INVEST TIME INTO UNDERSTANDING THEMWE DELIVER WHAT THEY WANT 40. thank youRina