Gleanster lead nurturing webinar- draft- 012411 final

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Join SalesFUSION for this in-depth review of the state of lead nurturing in a b2b environment. Includes research and best practices from leading b2b research firm, Gleanster and Principle Analyst, Ian Michiels.


  • 1.The 2011 b2b lead nurture roadmap
    Presented by:
    Kevin Miller EVP Marketing/Sales SalesFUSION
    Ian Michiels Principle Analyst - Gleanster
    Session Audio Starts at 2PM EST

2. Todays Agenda

  • About the speakers & companies

3. Introduction to b2b lead nurturing 4. The State of Lead Nurturing 5. Justifying Investments with Tangible Metrics 6. 7 Types of Lead Nurturing Campaigns 7. Lead Nurturing Roadmap 8. The Role of Technology