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Getting Things Done with "Getting Things Done"

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Getting Things Done (GTD) is a geek-friendly task (and life) management methodology by David Allen. This slide was used in my presentation at Barcamp Bangkok 4 (2010)

Text of Getting Things Done with "Getting Things Done"

  • 1. A geek-friendly task (and life) management methodology

2. Workflow for Life If you are living, you have already known it Stress-Free Methodology A Trust-System That Assists Your Mind Martial Arts of Works and Life 3. Your brain is BAD for holding commitments There are A LOT of stuffs needed to be done Therefore, there are a lot of STRESS To achieve Mind Like Water state Easy to fall-off but also easy to get back on 4. Reactor Micro Manager Crazy Maker Master & Commander High Perspective High Control Low Perspective Low Control 5. Doing Reviewing Organizing Processing Collection 6. Gather every thoughts into your Inbox Physical or Digital one It is important to capture EVERYTHING into the inbox Tips: Start with things around you 7. Determining what each item exactly is in your inbox Top item first, one at a time NOTHING goes back into inbox 8. Item Actionable Single-Step (Action) Multi-Step (Project) Non- Actionable Trash Item to Incubate Reference Material 9. Actionable Context Place Area of Responsibility Person Date Specific 2-Minute Rule Non-Actionable Reference System Someday/Maybe List Ticklers 10. Weekly Review is UTMOST IMPORTANT Failing to do so leads to falling off the wagon Start with your calendar, action lists then the rest 11. Calendar Action Lists Other Stuffs 12. Context Time Available Energy Available Priority 13. 50,000 feet Purpose, Principle 40,000 feet Vision 30,000 feet Goals 20,000 feet Area of Focus/Responsibility 10,000 feet Projects Runway Next Actions 14. What is Getting Things Done 2 Aspects of Self-Management Control Perspective 5 Stages of Mastering Workflow Collections Processing Organizing Reviewing Doing 6 Horizons of Focus 15. You should implement it however you see fit 16. Getting Things Done (The book itself) 17. Avatar: KnightBaron Blog: Email: knightbaron (at) gmail (dot) com Twitter: @KnightBaron Facebook: IRC #[email protected] #[email protected]