Freshbooks Experiment (Invoicing)

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I've been doing a month-long experiment with Freshbooks. This is a demonstration of the ways to create an invoice.

Text of Freshbooks Experiment (Invoicing)

  • 1. Freshbooks Experiment
    Day 14 - Invoicing

2. There are at least 5 different areas
where you can create a new invoice.
3. #1 Invoice Tab
From the invoice tab, simply click on the New Invoice button shown above.
4. #2 Expense Tab
Highlight the expenses to bill to a client, and click on the Convert to Invoice button.
5. #3 Time Tracking Tab
From the Time Tracking menu, click on the Generate Invoice heading. From there, youll be greeted with the following screen.
6. #3 Time Tracking Tab (pt.2)
7. #3 Time Tracking Tab (pt. 3)
There is a lot of customization on this screen. However, its very simple.
Choose the client, the project, and date range. (eg. ABC Corp., Web Design, May 2010)
You also get to check a box to include any expenses allocated to this project (which skips the need for option #2)
The last two sections give you control over how the details of these charges will be displayed on the upcoming invoice.
8. #4 Client Tab
From the Client tab, select the client you wish to invoice, and then click on the Invoice button shown above.
9. #5 Estimates Tab
From the Estimates tab, select an estimate you have created, and then click on the Convert to Invoice button.
10. New Invoice
Heres the invoice screen you will finally arrive at. Once again, a very simple interface.
11. New Invoice (pt. 2)
Below the invoice are the following 3 options. This is where your productivity gets a boost of caffeine. Instead of printing, stuffing, stamping, and mailing your invoice, you click one of 2 buttons, and let the Freshbooks staff do the rest.
12. Now, sit back, relax, have a coffee, and wait for the payment to arrive.
Your bookkeeping is done for the day.
Ok, maybe not. You should probably go back to work, and crank out another 10 invoices, but at least take a few minutes and appreciate the time you just saved.