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Forum Tools and Apps for Small Association CEO


<ul><li> 1. Indispensable Digital Tools and Apps forthe Small Association CEO9/18/2014Jason Paganessi, CAEVice President, Business</li></ul> <p> 2. Tools for businessOrganizeRetainShareScheduleCollaborateConnectingCommunicateTravel 3. Organize Evernote Basecamp ZohoProjects Wunderlist FlipBoard LastPass TripIt 4. OrganizeExpenses Nexonia Concur 5. Retain Google Drive Office365 Drop Box Box.Net 6. Share Google Drive Slide Share Google Cloud Print 7. Schedule Google Calendar 8. Collaborate Google Docs Join.Me Office365 &amp; Sharepoint GoToMeeting AnyMeeting 9. Communicate Skype Google Voice Google Hangouts WhatsApp Social Media Hootsuite TweetDeck 10. Connecting GoToMyPC LogMeIn Microsoft Remote Desktop 11. Travel Tripit WAZE Uber Lyft AirBnB WayGo Google Translate 12. Download this presentation </p>