Enterprise Ireland, March 2012 - AMAS Fiachra Ó Marcaigh

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Enterprise Ireland presentation in Limerick, March 2012. Topics include how to market to international audiences using the internet. Social media and various other channels discussed in detail.


  • 1. Customisation and localisation forinternational marketsFiachra Marcaigh, Director, AMASEnterprise Ireland conference8 March 2012www.amas.ie www.amas.ie

2. Agenda Introduction Online trends Why the internet matters How buyers use the internet New markets 12 steps to going global Examples what to do, what toavoid The takeawayswww.amas.ie 3. About AMASSpecialists in internetstrategiesSupported 30+ businesses toEnter international marketsRaise awarenessGrow salesLeading provider underEnterprise Ireland eBMIprogramme www.amas.ie 4. International experiencewww.amas.ie 5. Online trendswww.amas.ie 6. AMAS research and insightsAMAS blog www.amas.ie/blog @AMASinternet#IMUroadshowwww.amas.ie 7. Internet trendsEuropeanCommission, DigitalAgenda for Europe,June 2011.www.amas.ie 8. Internet TrendsRedC De-coding digital trends in Ireland2011, Online survey of 500 adults aged18+ CSO, 2011www.amas.ie 9. Why it matters to your businessSource: eMarketer,2010 (US Market)www.amas.ie 10. Web 1.0 online brochurewww.amas.ie 11. Web 2.0 - digital portfolio Content sharing User-generatedYour website(s)Blogs content Email newslettersSocial networksSyndication Mobile and TabletSearch engineprofileMultiple channels to buildbrands, transact business Extranet and manage reputations www.amas.ie 12. Trend 1: Multilingual, multiplatformwww.amas.ie 13. Trend 2: Machine translationimproves, butwww.amas.ie 14. Trend 3: Global SEO is more than Google China: Baidu is market leader - 70% share Russia: Yandex 64%, Google 24%http://hothardware.com www.amas.ie 15. 12 steps to going globalwww.amas.ie 16. 1. The internet is your internationalshop windowwww.amas.ie 17. www.amas.ie 18. 2. Remember a website is not a strategywww.amas.ie Picture www.traveladventures.org, 19. What you need to think aboutMarketBrandsLogisticsneedsLegal Management TechnologyContent Localisation Marketingwww.amas.ie 20. 3. Know your customerwww.amas.ie 21. Audiences: what they wantwww.amas.ie 22. Buyers are focused ontheir needswww.amas.ie 23. www.amas.ie 24. 4. Think global, act localwww.amas.ie 25. High profile referral sites may not deliver leads Result: lost business due to lack of local market web presence and poor optimisationwww.amas.ie 26. 5. Make it easy for buyers to find youPicture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dalcrosewww.amas.ie 27. Build awareness...on a modest budgetwww.amas.ie 28. 6. First impressions countwww.amas.ie 29. Content matterswww.amas.ie 30. Have a content strategy Content marketing Local content andmessaging first Standardised (allmarkets vs. variable Case studiesby market Unconferences Adequate resourcesand tools Synchronise updatesAcademic contributionsPRWebinars MeetupsWhite paperswww.amas.ie 31. 7. One size does not fit allwww.amas.ie 32. eCommerce and brand buildingwww.amas.ie 33. eCommerce comes in many flavourswww.amas.ie 34. Coherent brand identityBeforeAfterwww.amas.ie 35. 8. Reuse, recycle and save moneywww.amas.ie 36. www.amas.ie 37. 9. Localisation is about more thantranslationwww.amas.ie 38. 10. Use low-cost or no cost toolswww.amas.ie 39. A simple idea goes global... Sinead Duffywww.amas.ie 40. 11. Manage the shopPhoto: John Londei, Telegraph.co.ukwww.amas.ie 41. Mind your reputation...www.amas.ie 42. 12. Measure, measure, measureMathematics is asimportant tocreativity whenbuilding brandsPatrick Kennedy, onlineCEO, Paddy PowerThe sexiest jobsat Google will centrearound mining data John Herlihy, www.amas.ie European Director, Google 43. Site metricswww.amas.ie 44. And finally....www.amas.ie 45. The takeaways Plan How does internet support your business strategy? Localise and customise How best to match local market requirements? Manage How to deliver a complex (or simple) internetpresence? Learn How to build your knowledge, skills and stay on topof internet trends?Enterprise Irelands eBMI programme is a goodplace to startwww.amas.ie 46. Thank youFor queries, please contact:info@amas.ie(01) 661 0499www.amas.ie