Engaging the Hispanic Consumer with Front-Door Marketing

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Identify, reach, and engage the Hispanic audience with relevant front-door marketing and amplify your campaign results.


  • 1. Engaging the Hispanic Consumerwith Front-Door MarketingComercializacin Perfil Orientacin Asignacin Monitoriendo Mdidas1

2. Meet 10 years experience in Front-Door Media and Marketing Services Category pioneer and innovator 2011 Inc.s 500 | 5000 List of Fastest-GrowingPrivate Companies in America Over 1,500 campaigns produced and delivered Broad ranging industry experience Energy Efficiency Solutions division founded in 2009 Preferred partner for nations top brands and agencies North American distribution 2 3. Preferred and trusted bytop national brands 3 4. The Hispanic Market 50.5 million Hispanics in the US1 The largest minority group (16.3% of the total US population) 43% Hispanic population growth (+15 million) since the last2000 Census vs. non-Hispanic growth of 5%1 There are 33.3 million Hispanics age 18 and older1 Hispanic youths represent nearly 25% of the US youth group(under age 18)1 Hispanic buying power in 2010 exceeded $1 trillion2 By 2015, spending power of the Hispanic population isestimated to reach $1.3 trillion2Source: 1 2011 US Census2 2011 Packaged Facts "Latino Shoppers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends among Hispanic Americans, 8th Edition" 4 5. Cultural Relevancy MattersDifferences in dialects, food, acculturation level, and values can impact a marketing campaign and should be considered. Example Tropicana named its orange juice Jugo de Chinafor sale in Puerto Rico. However, to Cubans livingin Miami, the phrase Jugo de China translates into Chinese Juice. Take-AwayEven though Spanish is the common language, local colloquialisms and idioms might nottranslate from one Hispanic subgroup to the next. 5 6. Why Front-Door Marketing?What is Front-Door Marketing?A highly specialized and measurable discipline that uses creative, preciselytargeted media to reach and engage consumers through one of the lastuncluttered environments their front door.ReachEngage Target and find your best HispanicDeliver relevant promotional offers to prospects by combining geo- the Hispanic marketa segment thatdemographic and psychographic data already highly values coupons6 7. Hispanic Shoppers are Responsive toIncentives and Offers 6 out of 10 Hispanic households use coupons162% of Hispanic Mom Internet Users say that offers and coupons influence their choice of stores to purchase products2Female Hispanic shoppers, in particular, rely on all types of coupons and shopper cards3Source: 1 2009 SMRB study2 2010 www.emarketer.com3 2010 Issue 5.10 of The CheckOut, The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research7 8. Front-Door Marketing reaches Hispanicconsumers to solve marketing challenges Traffic Generation Awareness/Branding Acquisition Retention Market Expansion Competitive Blunting New Product Launch Grand Openings Trial Loyalty 8 9. Features and Benefitsof Front-Door Marketing Features Benefits Highly targetedReaches best prospects Solo deliveredUncluttered & category exclusivityMust-touch interactivity High ad readershipHigh visibility mini-billboardImmediate message delivery Quick speed-to-market Fast program resultsTrackable Measurable ROI Versatile mediumBranding and direct response capability9 10. Front-Door Media ProductsPowerHangersPowerShopperTM PowerPersonalization PowerSamplingTM SpecialtyCo-Op PolybagOnline Lead Generation Sample and CouponFront-Door Media Program Delivery10 11. The Science of Front-DoorMarketingTightly integrated blend of marketing expertise, proven direct-response methodologies, leading-edge monitoring and campaign metrics. This combination is unique to Power Direct. 11 12. MarketingWe create relevant, dynamic front-door campaigns thatresonate with your target Hispanic audience. Front-door marketing strategy Creative consulting for copy, design, offer Maintain client objectives and brand positioning in message (bothSpanish and English) Promotional ideas and partnerships Dynamic testing recommendations 12 13. Methodologies Profiling I Targeting I MappingGeographic information combine with psychographic and expendituredata find your best Hispanic customers and prospectsOnly quality data and segmentation sourcesNielsen Claritas I Experian I MRI13 14. MethodologiesProfiling I Targeting I Mapping Measure and identify: Category involvement Expenditures Usage frequency Brand awareness Attitudes and values affectingcategory behavior Most likely to14 15. Methodologies Profiling I Targeting I MappingRADIO/TV/OTHER COMPUTER & MOBILE % SPEAK ELECTRONICS % POP SOFTWARE MED FAMILYHH/SQ CBSA HH EST 09 % HISPANIC MED AGE % FAMILIES PHONE SPANISH STORES35-54STOREINC MILEEXP/HH/MOEXP/HH/MO EXP/HH/MOMiami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL 24783.46 75.7027.2950.20 $35.7626.35 $13.15 $60.08 $37,857.14 1,043.38Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL 98782.81 78.4932.9146.10 $33.1026.27 $12.49 $63.37 $43,596.15 1,583.36Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL2,302 79.26 68.2227.3648.83 $29.6626.05 $10.91 $52.68 $33,308.16 3,862.50Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL 61378.01 75.3930.5455.79 $31.2926.99 $11.51 $59.31 $35,858.43 1,570.47Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL1,377 68.35 67.1731.8340.74 $27.9428.05 $10.25 $53.43 $31,833.33 3,649.64Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL 18468.07 64.1537.2542.93 $29.9231.27 $11.16 $57.41 $44,545.45 2,090.91Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL 21667.44 46.3725.1549.54 $34.8420.71 $12.83 $61.07 $27,833.33 948.30Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL3,334 67.18 67.7329.6750.72 $35.0126.98 $13.35 $65.89 $44,754.34 1,931.60Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL1,451 66.01 62.6025.4855.27 $26.1825.47 $9.65$51.12 $28,056.99 2,139.85Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL1,033 63.27 49.4230.0147.43 $23.0926.75 $8.35$51.14 $26,140.94 2,405.66Miami-Fort Lauderdale et al, FL 38562.78 49.6533.9934.03 $25.7832.25 $9.18$47.43 $27,976.19 1,966.16 Block-group analysis indexes your highest propensity shoppers 15 16. MethodologiesProfiling I Targeting I Mapping Visualizing market coverage Precise area mapping 16 17. MonitoringDuring Campaign I Post Campaign Guaranteed delivery Multiple levels ofin-field auditing GPS walker-level tracking (A Power Direct exclusive) Handheld GPS tracker17 18. MonitoringDuring Campaign I Post Campaign Geo-targeting and mapping with Bing maps 18 19. MonitoringDuring Campaign I Post Campaign PowerTrakker (client extranet) 19 20. MetricsBecause our media is trackable, we can help you measure: Cost per coupon redeemed Cost per inquiry Cost per sale Incremental traffic Increased visit frequency Increased average transaction value 20 21. Engaging the Hispanic Consumer with Front-Door MarketingThank You! Questions?Contact Us at 877-737-8977 or info@powerdirect.netMarketing ProfilingTargetingMappingMonitoring Metrics


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