Do You Still Know Anything About Marketing

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Do you still know anything about marketing? Gringo tests your skills in our little test.(português & english)

Text of Do You Still Know Anything About Marketing

  • test do you still know anything about marketing? powered by the lovely This material has been conceived / elaborated / created by Gringo. This document is protected by Copyright laws and may not be copied, published, or used for any means other than those intended or expressly authorized by Gringo.
  • english page 3 portugus pgina 30 powered by the lovely
  • The message of the brand is sustained throughout the year through cyclic campaigns. right wrong powered by the lovely
  • wrong. Marketing has gone away from the cyclic campaign boost in favour of active relationships. We cannot interrupt our dialog with consumers along time. Today, communication is fragmented, surgical, and constant. campaign interest year before campaign plataform / service interest year today social media base powered by the lovely
  • Visual style, tone of communication and advertising content are the message. The vehicles are the paid channels that help us take this message to the consumer." right wrong powered by the lovely
  • wrong. Today the message is the content of your services. The media is your very consumers. The new branding is characterized by social engagement. the content or carries the through the platform message of the consumer service brand reliable media powered by the lovely
  • Digital may not be the centre of my campaign, but it's an increasingly important point of contact. right wrong powered by the lovely
  • wrong. It can and must be the centre of a campaign because it's the only media that is flexible, reliable, unifying, relevant, interactive, and personal, in which a message becomes a reliable exchange to the consumer. digital radio open tv radio online driven tv ooh cable tv ooh offline supported mensagem cinema mensagem pop cinema digital pop newspaper magazine newspaper magazine guerilla sponsorship guerilla sponsorship interruptive propagation digital interaction decentralized centralized before today powered by the lovely
  • besides... Growth, penetration and affinity of digital medias have already outranked many traditional medias, and it will keep growing until it soon becomes number one. 100% 20h/week open tv fm radio internet internet ooh 15 magazine newspaper open tv 10 cable tv cinema 5 am radio 0h/week 0% AS /ABC AS /AB MM / ABC HH / ABC HH / AB HH / AB MM / AB MM / AB 18+ 18+ 18/49 18/49 10/24 18/24 10/24 18/24 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 internet penetration internet frequency Brasil today Europe tomorrow source: Ipsos Marplan 2008 consolidate source: Europe Logs On - 2009 Microsoft study powered by the lovely
  • Production cannot consume so much of my budget to the point of affecting my media budget allocation." right wrong powered by the lovely
  • wrong. When you produce content that is worth discussing with, this well-spent money is directly converted into "earned" media which is spontaneous, dependable, and engaging. interruption media interaction media before today powered by the lovely
  • for example, Check some of these successful projects and understand the media mix. 500,000,000 + visits 23,000,000 + views 2,000,000 + users subservient chicken dance flash mob nike + community Burger King T-Mobile Nike visit now visit now visit now powered by the lovely
  • Gringo thinks all is different now, but my brand still works in a different way and with good results. right wrong powered by the lovely
  • right. So nice to know your results are good! Have you thought your results could be better? The Brazilian structure focuses on the media bonuses and that is the agencys largest revenue. Why change? e ort e ort e ort production delivers planning and media planning, execution and concept buy follow-up what your agency delivers (!!!) M $ so owned bought earned what your delicious! agency gets ($$$) earnings earnings earnings 15-20% over vendor 12-20% media buy 15-20% over vendor +internal production fee + 8-12% volume +internal production bonus powered by the lovely
  • Obviously, I guide my strategies using the marketing funnel. Everybody does that. It still works fine. right wrong powered by the lovely
  • wrong. Today the consumer (and not the brand) controls what is sais and heard about your brand. They have an active voice in the engagement process, which makes it a nonlinear process. opinions on blogs alternat. compet. know buy consider propose prefer contribute buy created fan content restart friends recomm. when brand dictated the when consumer process dictates the message before today powered by the lovely
  • How many right answers? 1 to 2 My god, you're stuck in time! You probably graduated in 1975 and have never used computers, don't have kids and haven't left your house (only to go to work) since 1993, right? 3 to 4 You think you're doing everything right, but the results are still