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Welcome to the Summer edition of "Digital Doll$rs and Sense" - the quartlerly publication dedicated to online distinctive insights, news, trends, and online business integration. This edition's topics include: - How to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Model - New Canadian Privacy Laws (CASL) and their impact to your business - Why Social Media is a "Tale of Two Languages" in Canada - Opportunities for new Top Level Domains We have a new gift to celebrate on Canada Day 2014 - CASL - Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. The new electronic privacy laws provide provide protections for consumers and business. See Page 4 for details you want to know about. Don't miss the Infograph on Analytics and Measurement. It provides interesting insights on how business is quantifying the value of the digital dollars they spend. Enjoy Digital Doll$rs and Sense. Please share. Write back to us with any feedback, comments, likes, concerns, etc - we enjoy hearing from you.

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  • 1. DIGITAL DOLL$RS AND SENSE JUNE - 2014 - VOLUME VAND SENSE Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Model Page 3 In Canada, Social Media is a Tale of Two Languages Page 4 New Branded Domain Opportunities Page 8 Welcome to Summer 2014 Digital | Distinctive Insights | Online Business Integration Sensible Business CASL & Spam Compliance in Canada ... Page 5
  • 2. 1 | In This Edition 1 News | Digital Trends 2 The Right Digital Marketing Model 3 Social Media - A Tale of Two Languages 3 The Dimensions or Performance 3 AdWords Also Builds Brand 3 Mentions are Neutral Messages 4 Sensible Business | CASL 5 Infographics of Interest 8 Digital Dollar | Insights, Tips, Advice 9 Digital Diction | Helpful Automation Welcome Welcome to Summer and Canadas 147th birthday! This edition shares our insights about the maturation of online marketing. New opportunities exist for marketers and business leadership to create meaningful strategies tailored to their organization type and requirements, with the help of online business integration and data collection statistics. We highlight this on page 3 with the Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Model article. July 1 is also the starting date for Canadas new Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations (CASL). Our Sensible Business article (page 5) provides a summary about the laws, how the laws will affect your business. We encourage you to be aware of this change and how it affects your business and your electronic communications. And dont miss our Insights, Tips and Advice on Top Level Domain registration (page 8), an Infograph on Measurement Musts (page 7) and recent automations tools to make your day easier (page 9). Have a great Summer! Joe Wozny and the Concentric team About the Cover Image We have a new gift to celebrate on Canada Day 2014 - CASL - Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. Canadas new electronic privacy laws provide protections for consumers and business. Will there be complications for Canadian businesses and those trying to do business in Canada from other countries? See page 4! digital doll$rs and sense JUNE - 2014 - Volume V News | Digital Trends Americas Running Out of IP Addresses In April, ARIN, the (North) American Registry for Internet Numbers, announced that it had reached "phase 4" of its IPv4 countdown plan, with fewer than 17 million IPv4 addresses remaining. There is no phase 5. More Twitter Now Supporting GIFs Twitter announced a small, but awesome change to its social network: It will now support the ever-popular animated GIF format. The change, the company says, is live as of this month on the website, Android and iPhone. More Business Starts to Pay Attention GooglePlus is the network most businesses plan to learn more about (source: SME 2014 Study) In fact, GooglePlus is just as popular as Twitter & has more visitor/viewers than Instagram & Pinterest More
  • 3. | 2 Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Model Written by Joe Wozny Changes in digital technology are fundamentally altering the way that consumers engage with brands before, during, and after a purchase. Consumers today expect to browse, research, solicit feedback, evaluate, and push the buy button at their own pace, and at the time and place - and via the platform of their choosing. Consumers also continue to engage with brands online after a purchase and to share experiences with one another. Much of this consumer journey is beyond the direct control of companies, and marketing organizations are sprinting merely to keep pace. Concentric has identified five equally successful digital marketing models: Digital Branders, Customer Experience Designers, Demand Generators, Product Innovators and Awareness Builders. A companys focus for marketing investment might have elements of each, but odds are that one of these models represents the right marketing organization for your company. Digital Branders are most often consumer products companies or other marketers that focus on building and renewing brand equity and deeper consumer engagement. Their primary goal is to recruit new consumers to the brand and driving loyalty through multiple experiences with the brand. Customer Experience Designers use customer data and insights to create a superior end-to-end brand experience for their customers. Typically, these companies build their business models around customer service and hope to create an ongoing dialogue and build a loyal customer base. Demand Generators (typically retailers) focus on driving online traffic and converting as many sales as possible across channels to maximize marketing efficiency and grow their share of wallet. Theyre more focused on driving volume and efficiency than on curating the deep, emotional branded experiences. Product Innovators use digital marketing to identify, develop, and roll out new digital products and services. By helping nurture new sources of revenue, the marketing group increases the value of the company. Awareness Builders are often service industry companies and not for profit advocates whose interest is being found = relevant to conversation. Brand presentation and informational content are key drivers to consumer use, confidence and perception. The programs and activities your organization undertakes are determined by the Marketing model you choose. The model impacts who you hire, where you spend your time and where you spend your digital dollars. 1= less emphasis 4 = more emphasis Bottom Line: Choosing the correct model can have a direct impact on your business success. Strategy is "the foundation for your entire online marketing program," according to Circle Studio so take the time to review your current direction and choose a model that meets your needs. digital doll$rs and sense JUNE - 2014 - Volume V
  • 4. 3 | In Canada, Social Media is a Tale of Two Languages In a study by Headspace Marketing the correct answer depends a lot on language preference and geography. Francophones in Quebec report reading posts from brands carefully whereas English speakers in the rest of Canada showed the reverse behaviour, briefly skimming brand posts. The reasons why French Quebecers stop following brands was also very different when compared to English speakers in the rest of Canada. Bottom Line: Failure to respond to an inquiry can quickly get your business turfed in Quebec while posting too frequently to English speakers in the rest of Canada can have the same effect. More 3 Dimensions to Performance? Interested in a new way of looking at performance indicators (KPIs) when it comes to judging how your marketing program is performing? Consider taking a lesson from the sports arena and using three categories of indicators: Outcome metrics - set business outcomes that youd like to achieve. Be realistic with the outcomes and state your dependencies since theres items you may not be able to control. Performance metrics - these are action oriented metrics such as rolling out a new product or marketing program by a specific date Process metrics - revolve around the concept of improving the way things are done. It could be as simple as improving how an activity consistently performs to methods of reviewing and reporting on response rates. Bottom Line: Categorizing the items that are important to your business may provide perspective and focus when compared to a long list of to do items that make it difficult to understand how you are moving the needle. More Adwords also Builds Brand A recent study released from Google reveals that marketers are moving towards search campaigns that build top-of-mind awareness. The search giants new report with Ipsos MediaCT finds that branding- focused ads elevate awareness by an average of 6.6 percentage points. Search results with a brand at the top of the page improved unaided brand awareness. Consumers in the test group were asked to think of four more brands that fit into a specific category keyword, resulting in a 26.7 percent rise in unaided brand awareness. The control group brought in a 17.5 percent unaided awareness. When you add in the power of the imagery, the ad copy and the flavor of the brand in cost per click ads you have created something really powerful in search. Bottom Line: Dont let the information sway you from ensuring you understand why you are advertising and from quantifying the value this provides to your business. More Mentions are Neutral Messages In todays socially charged world, a simple tweet, post or pin from a customer could prove detrimental or profitable for a business. Most company mentions, however, arent connected to a positive or negative message. The overwhelming neutrality of posts is an indicator that people are increasingly relying on social media for customer service. Thursday is also the day influencers interact. More. digital doll$rs and sense JUNE - 2014 - Volume V
  • 5. | 4 Sensible Business CASL & Spam Compliance in Canada Canadas Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) goes into effect on July 1, 2014. Full details of CASL, from the Government of Canadas web site (titled Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations) may be found here. There are several good overviews on CASL to consider reviewing. They include: An article on how anti-spam legislation can affect your firm from the Canadian Bar Association published by the Canadian Bar Association An Infograph titled CASL Spam Overview from Dentons, a global legal practice An informed opinion piece on CASLs impact on B2B marketing from nonlinear digital Reg