Customer Centered Marketing: The Social Media Journey

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Allison Dew, Executive Director, Social Media, Community & Insights Austin American Marketing Association, August 2011

Text of Customer Centered Marketing: The Social Media Journey

  • 1. Customer Centered Marketing: The Social Media Journey
    Allison Dew, Executive Director, Social Media, Community & Insights
    Austin American Marketing Association, August 2011

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From appeal to.
authentic customer connectivity
3. Marketing Origins:Name recognition & product placement
4. Marketing gains mass appeal
5. Marketing mass appeal Gets more appeal
6. Marketing:Powerful, Loud and Every Where
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Marketing and the Customer?
Source: Marketing Wikipedia: Tag Cloud
8. Marketing;Time for renewal and evolution?
Image thanks to Hugh McLeod @Gapingvoid
9. Marketing before it became formalIntimate, customer connections
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Source: Shanghai Web designers via Neville Hobson
11. Authority Changes How we learn of news and form impressions does too
12. Attention shifts
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Conversations are conversationsnot Business segments
Love your product/service
Need help using it
Helping someone else
with your product
Share an idea with you
Where to find you
Share with others how & why
you have great products/services
Graphic thanks to @Gapingvoid
14. Customer CentricityOnline, Offline and all that marketing touches
15. Five years of experiments and experience
December 2006Ratings and reviews on
February 2006Michael Dell Asks
Why dont we reach out and help bloggers with tech support issues?
October 2007Michael Dell quote in Business Week
Jeff Jarvis story quote, These conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you want to be part of that or not? My argument is you absolutely do. You can learn from them. You can improve your reaction time. And you can be a better company by listening and being involved in that conversation.
May 2008Dell Outlet achieves $0.5M in sales via TwitterCommunity team active on TwitterSmall Business blog launched
June 2009Global Twitter revenues of $6.5 M
Dell named #1 most social brand in ranking of 100 top brands
August 2006Blog outreach expands beyond tech support
March 2008Accepted Solutions launched on Community Dell France begins Online Community Outreach
March 2010China Micro-Blogging
February 2007IdeaStorm Launched
A voting based site allowing customers and others to submit ideas for Dell.
January 2009Dell Organizes in to4 customer focused business units
June 2009$2M+ Salesvia Twitter
Social Media Listening
Command Center
Dell Social Media and Community University launched/5,000 teammembers trained byend of year(Aug.)
July 2006Direct2Dell launchedToday Direct2Dell exists in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese.
June 2007Dell joins Twitter
Dell launchesEmployeeStormInternal Blogs Launched for Employees.
April 2008Inside IT launchedBlog focused on business customers, and Cloud Computing.
2009Dell TechCenter
January 2008Dell aligns organization for success
Altimeter recognizes Dell with Open Leadership Award for Innovation and Execution(Oct.)
Spring 2009Some Members of Community and Conversations deployed within each of the new Dell Business units
December 2009Huffington Post Blog
DelllaunchesB2B pagesFacebook(Jun.)
August 2006Blog outreach expands beyond tech Support
January 2007StudioDell launched
Dells video and podcast site, with helpful tips and tricks. Eventually expanding this into the YouTube channel making sharing easier.
February 2008Twitter expanded
November 2007DellShares launched
The first investor relations blog by a public company.
June 2008Channel blog launched
16. Lesson 1:Opportunity of a powerful ecosystem
Our Communities
External Communities
Team Members
17. 17
Lesson 2:starts with listening
to Be A Better Business, across the Business
18. Lesson #3: Integrate where Customer & Business Value are realized across all business functions
Product Development

  • Feedback Loop

19. Early Warning 20. New Product IdeationMarketing

  • Demand Forecast

21. Lead Generation 22. Message ReachOnline Presence

  • Ratings & Reviews

23. Communities 24. Customer StoriesSales

  • Collaboration

25. Thought Leadership 26. BlogsCustomer Service

  • Listening

27. Support Widgets 28. OutreachCommunication

  • Rich Media

29. Brand Reputation 30. Influence 31. Reputation