Crowds and the golden age of innovation

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How crowds are enabling a golden age of innovation via crowdfunding, accelerators and crowdstorming.

Text of Crowds and the golden age of innovation

  • How Crowds Are Enabling a Golden Age of Innovation Shaun Abrahamson @shaunabe
  • @shaunabe startup life Investor: ZocDoc, Trialpay, Refinery29, Retrofit, Crowdtwist, Sense Networks, Tonx, Jovoto, Modria, Mealku, Stylyt, Everest, Minbox, Care at Hand, Workana, Social Amp, SOMA, Spuni... Builder: (good, bad + ugly) including: Oculus, govWorks(, Starmedia, MediaSentry 2
  • First, lets go back to 1999
  • Corp Dev Why was the 50k great? Founders Investors Customers
  • BUT For Founders -> Finding Customers, Finding Investors, Limited Media For Investors -> Complex evaluation of Opportunities (Team, Idea) For Corp Dev -> No real structures to work with startups
  • Whats new in 2013?
  • also new, better organized crowds Crowdfunding Accelerators Crowdstorming
  • Source:
  • More Connections, Better Signals
  • Kickstarter Customers + Investors + Partners
  • Corporates Venturing Funding + Expertise + Customer Acquisition
  • Source:
  • YCombinator Customers + Investors + Partners
  • Corporate Accelerator
  • 2009 Spend Explosion in Open Innovation Spending 2015 Spend (Projected) Source: OIA Survey 2013
  • GE Ecomagination Identify Specific Types of Opportunities
  • Amazon Studios Make Use of Open City Data
  • Corp Dev Better organization and alignment FoundersInvestors Customers
  • Whats still hard? For Founders -> Acquiring Customers (Feedback, Testing, Sales), Funding For Investors -> Offering More Than Money (Expertise, Customers) For Corp R&D -> Assuring That Ideas Succeed (Money, Expertise, Customers)
  • Whats Next?
  • Fund + Accelerator + Crowdstorm ++
  • Crowdstorm + Accelerator ++
  • Crowdstorm + Accelerator ++
  • Corp Dev Ever better crowd alignment FoundersInvestors Customers
  • Aligning crowds is very, very powerful.
  • Its never been easier to make innovation happen.
  • How Crowds Are Enabling a Golden Age of Innovation Shaun Abrahamson @shaunabe