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Colour BrainCommunicationInventory One tool to many answers

What is it? Where does it come from?TheColored Brain Inventory technology was developed byLeadership Guru, Arthur F. Carmazzifrom over 620 interviews within a corporate environment and extractions from research done by Ned Hermann on Whole Brain Thinking (see, Cloninger, C. R. The Temperament and Character Inventory, and investigations undertaken by Dr. Sandra Seagal, David Horn and their associates, (see )

The CBCI is a tool that identifies an individuals genetic brain processing inclusive of additional learned flexibility and areas where one may have difficulty in communicating with others. But over the years of using this tool, various other applications for the same has been identified.

How does it work?

Red BrainGreenBrainBlueBrainPurpleBrainBy identifying the fundamental patterns in the way our brain genetically functions, we overcome misunderstanding, conflict, and wastage of individual and group potential.

Based on the studies conducted, four dominant communication patterns have been identified. The red, green, Blue and Purple Brain.

Red BrainThe is the linear processor.

An individual with a red brain is inclined to develop clarity about each task before he or she begins to work on it. The tendency is to generate a structured and analytical approach to develop solutions, ideas and plans. From the initial analysis, the red brain develops the best course of action to complete the task. Each thought is expanded upon by a clear comparison of relevance to objective. Every action follows a logical progression to the end result.

The lack of clarity warrants caution and even in-action in some cases.

The is the chaotic processor.

An individual with a green brain is inclined to creative problem solving and innovation. For a green brain, the same problem has infinite solutions at the same time. This individual has the need to move fast at putting the pieces together to identify the solution, ideas and plans. Until everything is out together nothing is solid. Thoughts can be completely random.GreenBrain

The is the intuitive processor.

An individual with a blue brain is highly intuitive in nature. He or she simultaneously interprets the past and present to identify a potential future. He or she constructs solutions, ideas and plans to make this possible future a reality. Past impressions are immediately translated into immediate insights to formulate a meaning for the environment. This individual is highly sensitive to emotional reactions and this forms the foundation for decisions and actions.

With this individual, everything is connected at an intuitive level. BlueBrain

PurpleBrainThe is the relational processor.

Every bit of information available is cross related with other information to isolate the most suitable outcome. So more the information and details provided, the better the solution, idea or plan generated by this individual. Thought components are clusters of related information now. He or she considered every cluster of information and since no problem can be removed from the environment, solutions always have infinite possibilities.

Information is king to this individual.

How does it apply to different challenges?

TheColored Brain Inventory technology was to help people develop better communication skills and reduce conflicts/misunderstandings. Over a period of time, as mentioned earlier, many other possible solutions were identified. Here are some of the most dominant applications used for organizations across the globe.

In recruitment and building teams that performIn decision makingIn educationIn relationships

In RecruitmentAnd Building Teams that Perform

Every profile has certain expectations and with that comes certain characteristics that an individual needs to possess to be able to deliver results. Isolation of these characteristics makes it easy for one to map the same on the coloured brain communication inventory. The next step to hire the right individual is to simply have the applicant take the inventory test to identify the brain colour and their suitability.

The same test also makes it possible to ensure that the team that you are putting together compliment each other and are being trained to accept the difference in communication styles and work around it. This also in this manner ensures that the teams being built are focused on a common goal and deliver high performance.

In Decision Making

There are various aspects that need to be applied to determine an individuals suitability to a profile before making a decision,

Need for flexibilityAbility to maintain interpersonal relationships

And more.

The colour brain communication inventory allows you map the characteristics need to make a lateral transition and then make a decision based backed by science.

In Education

Every brain colour has a different way of approaching learning as they do with the way they approach their tasks.

The green brain for example needs the bigger picture first. They need to however focus on one aspect first and then move on to the next.

The blue brain tends to be empathetic in their learning. They need flexibility and at the same time properly organized training material.

The red brain needs clarity in delivery and material provided. They need the larger picture and in precise communication with a logical flow.

The purple brain needs all the relevant information needed for learning along with a clear direction and precise communication.

Applying this logic to training and delivery based on the audience base allows for ensuring that training results in better recall and implementation.

In Relationships

Understanding persons colored brain in relationships will help you understand how you are going to get along with each other. For example, having the same colored brain in relationship will definitely support better communication, but you are not necessarily going to complement each other. On the other hand, opposite colors will complement each other, but the communication is going to take some extra work. Understanding the colored brain from the very beginning of your relationship will help you achieve supportive and productive relationship with great awareness of limitations. It will also help you understand what is required for maintaining balance and great communication with your partner.

This principle applies to team work also where the individuals are required to work with each other in close proximity over a long period of time.

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