Cohhio fundraising kick it up a notch michelle cramer april 21, 2010

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Michelle Cramer's presentation at the 2010 COHHIO Annual Conference on Fundraising: Kick It Up A Notch


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2. Introductions
Michelle Cramer, CFRE President & CEO
Cramer & Associates, Inc.
Located in Dublin Statewide & Regional Focus
22nd Years as a Fundraising Consultant
Giving Institute Board Member 12 Years
Dean of AFP / Giving Institute Fundraising Consulting School @ the AFP International Conference
3. AFP International Conference
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
April 12, 2010
Noble Calling
4. First Consulting Job
First consulting job was with a local homeless shelter
Faith Mission
Make Room Columbus
5. Results of Survey
Other:Social Media, Use of Internet, Events, Cultivating Small Donors
6. Todays Agenda
Your Time Has Come!
The Philanthropic Environment
Donor Strategies
WOW! Capital Campaigns
Power of Social Media
Board Development
Best Event Idea!
7. Your Time Has Come!
You and Your Organization / Agency Are At The TOP of The Philanthropic Radar Screen
Basic Human Needs. . . Food, Shelter, Clothing & Healthcare
8. Your Time Has Come!
Your Time Has Come!
Now Capitalize
Take Advantage Of It!
9. A Look Back at the Decade
Funding levels improve.Donor interests are reset and new patterns of communication, participation and funding are emerging.
Traditional donor pyramid fundraising.Giving is strong on all levels annual, capital and planned.Organizations independently engage issues and donors.
Financial Crisis.Fundraising is focused on basic human needs.Giving is more localized.Only the strongest of cases were supported.
10. Todays Environment
The average donor no longer exists!
Successful organizations are diversifying sources of revenue
Donors want outcomes prove that their gift will result in a measureable solution
Donors want to see others at the table lead donors are no longer willing to be alone out front
11. Todays Environment
Organizations can not afford mistakes or mixed messages
Duplication of services no longer acceptable donors expect collaboration and partnerships
Entrepreneurial strategies most successful funding to help generate new revenue for the organization to become more self sustaining
12. 12
What Are You Experiencing InTodays Environment?
13. Finding & Cultivating New Donors
An Effective Way to Engage Your Board Members and In The Process, Build Your Donor Base . . . Thus Sustainability!
Brown Bag Lunch Tours
14. How It Works
Dates are set for on-site tours or presentation at downtown location
Board members send email blast to friends to invite (see email copy)
Board members attend with guests
Presentation is made & two requests are made
15. The Two Requests Made
To Come & Tour our Facility / Site (only if presentation is at downtown location)
Bring One or Two More People with You to Next Scheduled Brown Bag Lunch
16. Keys to Being Successful
The Presentation Itself Must Be
Emotional Personal Stories
Powerful Information & Statistics
Demonstrate How Important Your Agency Is To Change Lives!
17. Draft Agenda
Takes place on site (preferably)
Last approximately 60 90 minutes
Executive Director introduces organization / agency via multi-media (i.e. PowerPoint, Video, etc.) that overviews the organization / agency the WOW Factor
Executive Director invites agency employees to share stories about individuals served
Q&A Session
Executive Director requests two things from guests:
Invite 2 people to attend next Brown Bag tour
Tour facility
19. Donors
Finding new donors
Appeal to many donors for a small amount
Utilize your Boards network
Be visible participate in community activities, other groups events and take the time to promote your presence (work the room!)
Be proactive call on community leaders, businesses and foundations ask for input, provide updates, learn about them and afterwards, if appropriate, make a request
20. Donors
Retaining existing donors
Thank donors and make them feel special
Phone call or a personal note to explain how they are impacting your organization
Communicate how their gift made a difference
With your gift of $_____ we were able to do ______
Find ways to engage other than cash- expand their role beyond funding - events, communicator, volunteer, etc.
21. Strategic Planning
Every organization should have a strategic plan that addresses short-term needs and long-range goals Does not have to be 30 pages long
Key is to engage your donors (and potential donors) in the process so that they feel vested and have a sense of ownership to the vision
Utilize the process to meet new leaders, reacquaint with old and bring new ideas
Reaching Donors & Volunteers
22. 22
23. 23
What a WOW! Capital Campaign Is not

  • Traditional Honorary Chair, Chair, Co-Chair. . . . .

24. Boring Volunteers disappear, not engaged 25. Long and drawn out 26. Do not blend in with other campaigns