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Clusters in Catalonia Joan Martí Estévez Manager of Cluster Development Barcelona, 20th November 2012

Catalonian clusters

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Presentation of clusters in Catalonia by Juan Marti Estevez, from Acc10

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1. www.acc10.cat Clusters in Catalonia Joan Mart Estvez Manager of Cluster Development Barcelona, 20th November 2012 2. www.acc10.cat CLUSTERS IN THE WORLD 2001199719921980 Regions and countries with initiatives based on cluster development + - Emilia-Romagna Toscana .... Basque Country Scotland Arizona Catalonia Massachusetts New Zealand Costa Rica California .... Sweden Turkey Lithuania Austria Jordanian Mxico South Africa .... France Estonia Denmark Slovenia UK Minas Gerais ... 1990 2003 Aprox. More than 3.000 initiatives in different countries and regions (*) 2005 Pakistan Kazakhstan Poland . 2011 (*) Estimation from TCI,European Cluster Observatory 2011 Clusters: a global phenomena 3. www.acc10.cat Why clusters? Because companies make more.......... 4. www.acc10.cat 4 COMPETITIVENESS CLUSTER WINNING STRATEGIES Segment by business and not by statistical codes Success or future strategies in this business BUSINESS Last target Tool: place to discuss group strategy and implement actions according to the strategy Why clusters? 5. www.acc10.cat By definition, there are no crisis clusters nor successful clusters. All clusters can be successful if they have the right strategy Lessons learned 6. www.acc10.cat Search for the salmons 7. www.acc10.cat Personal commitment with innovation Breaking the conventional wisdom Vision Business ambition Cooperative, being accountable to the others Resilience FIRST PEOPLE, THEN STRATEGY Who are the salmons? 8. www.acc10.cat Strategic Change Process Month 0 Month 4 Competitive analysis Diagnosis and Foresight Definition main characteristics of the sector Strategic analysis (competitive strengths) Environment analysis Business tendencies at global level Suggested actions for companies Suggested actions for Government Cluster monitoring Publicpresentation Action plan Companies Strategic change Who is who? Technological change Executive training Internationalization Benchmarking Strategic Dive Tailored actions Cluster Methodology Month 16 9. www.acc10.cat Strategic change Strategic change Strategic change Time Evolution Strategic Change 10. www.acc10.cat Cluster development: a strategic change process STRATEGIC CHANGE STRUCTURAL CHANGE+ -Market research -Business Plan -Fixed assets -Consultancy -Training - Product Certification -R+D VISION OF THE FUTURE BUSINESSES AND STRATEGIES OPERATIONAL Strategic Change Structural Change SUPPORT PROGRAM TO HELP CLUSTER COMPANIES DEVELOPING NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 11. www.acc10.cat New business segmentation Gourmet food Cluster 12. www.acc10.cat Commodities Product Service Experience + _ Value/price Transformational Projects 13. www.acc10.cat CONSUMER DISTRIBUTORS MANUFACTURERS BUSINESS EVOLUTION 14. www.acc10.cat When extreme external conditions COMPETING AND ALSO COOPERATING IS POSSIBLE AND NECESSARY 15. www.acc10.cat 3. Working with small groups with leaders sharing the same vision But, how do we cooperate? 1. Creating Trust 2. Developing transformational projects based on the strategic challenges 4. Searching for your own profitability but also sweating the t-shirt for the others Cooperation is a muscle which develops exercising 16. www.acc10.cat Food Media Printing Toys Furniture Fashion textiles Cosmetics Educational services Others:leisure Puericulture School materials Urban furniture 210 companies with a global turnover of 3.300 M Transformational Projects Market Intelligence: the kid of the future 17. www.acc10.cat Joint Retail On-line shop Pop-up store Gastronomy Tourism Transformational Projects Gourmet food cluster:Joint Distribution Platform 18. www.acc10.cat FITEX HONG KONG:Joint Purchasing Platform 11 companies from the fashion textiles cluster, some of them competitors:Carlomagno, Messcalino Punt, Oldavi, Industrias Valls, Escorpion, Massana, Inverse,Elements,Caribu,Gamma Txtil, Sita Murt. 2010 Figures:4 employees, global purchase of 7 million euros representing a 24 million euros market value. Transformational Projects 19. www.acc10.cat SHORT TERM LONG TERM PRIVATE LEADERSHIP IS ESSENTIAL HIGH PRIORITY LOW PRIORITY Sourcing in China Marketing China Support to companies strategic change Tablets Promotion Connect Support to tax reliefs EU Brand LEGO Logistics in Morocco Promotion of retail Research in ICT manufacturing centers OUTLET Training Brand marketing Simulation tools New products T.I No projects without private leadership 20. www.acc10.cat MONEY FOR COFFEE 21. www.acc10.cat Catalonia: A Holistic Cluster Ecosystem 1.000 active companies in 22 clusters Pro-clusters Government since 1993 Business Schools (IESE,ESADE) training Cluster Professionals TCI Headquarters Some world-leading Cluster Consultants 22. www.acc10.cat 23. www.acc10.catwww.acc10.cat Joan Mart Estvez Manager of Cluster Development ([email protected]) ACC1 A BARCELONA Passeig de Grcia, 129 08008 Barcelona Servei dorientaci a lempresa 902 62 77 88 [email protected] ACC1 A CATALUNYA Comarques Centrals Tel. 938 777 379 [email protected] Girona Tel. 972 940 120 [email protected] Lleida Tel. 973 728 000 [email protected] Tarragona Tel. 977 251 717 [email protected] Terres de lEbre Tel. 977 449 333 [email protected] Thank you!