Calling Customers: It's About Time to Stop Guessing

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Find out how predictive analytics can advise when sales reps should contact a customer for a sale. Predictive analytics can predict when a customer is ready to buy. As presented at AA-ISP May 2011 Leadership Summit.


  • 1. Calling Customers: Its About Timeto Stop Guessing
    Parth R. Srinivasa
    President, Valgen
  • 2. Session Overview
  • 3. McKinsey & Co. study finds that:
    35% calling too often
    8% call too little/ignore; 29% lack knowledge
    Customers can tell calling for callings sake!
    Timing, Relevance , Sequence critical to each touch
  • 4. Why Get Timing Right?
  • 5. Where do you fit in your existing customers buying cycle?
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  • 6. Timing pattern think traffic pattern
    Traffic lights have their own algorithm number of vehicles, elapsed time, rate of vehicles etc.
    Wait until customer is ready (nurture)
    Prioritize, merge (engage)
    Move, align message + channel (sell)
    Likewise, timing algorithm takes into account elapsed time, and buying rate compared to other customers etc.
  • 7. So what is nurturing all about?
    Reps dont always have
    to CALL can be service,
    marketing, management;
    Receptive to hi-touch
    Top of mind relevance:
    • Customers like you trends
    • 8. New products and services
    • 9. Timely industry info
    • 10. Follow-up service