Buying a DSLR

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How do I decide for a product - what influences me? This is a personal documentation to show what steps I made to find the right DSLR for me.

Text of Buying a DSLR

  • 1. buying a D-SLR camera my experiences as a consumer,not a social media preacher.

2. what im looking for

  • a digital SLR camera
  • with good HD video function 3. step1 I take this one 4. step2 Chip? Seems to be relevant 5. step3 6. 1st conclusion

  • okay, seems to be Canon or Nikon.
  • probably around 1.000,00 7. step4

  • lets ask some friends 8. step5 9. step6 Gerald is a tech freak, 60 D? too expensive 10. step7 no product reviews, does not help! to be honest: here they had the first chance to catch me! 11. step8 Sorry, this is empty? 12. step9 Ah, here we go Also no product reviews, all posts in English. Same as Nikon! 13. step10

  • lets go to a camera shop! 14. 2nd conclusion

  • most of the people say Canon, seems to be the right choice. But what camera? 60D? 15. step11

  • lets ask a photographer! 16.

  • Canon EOS 60 D has a flip screen
  • and Canon has the best video quality 17. step12 18. step12 Ah, Chip I know. 19. step13 20. 3rd conclusion

  • Okay. I will wait til October
  • for the Canon EOS 60D
  • But where to buy? 21. step14 22. step15 Cool, Im the mayor here!!! Do they have a special deal for me? No. Damn! They have the chance to catch me here! 23. 4th conclusion

  • Looking for the best price! 24. step16 its all about the price 25. step17 26. 5th conclusion

  • Looking online for Canon EOS 60D best price
  • in october, again. 27. noticed something?

  • I did not visit the Canon or Nikon homepage.
  • brand sites were not on google no.1 under my searches.
  • their facebook or twitter accounts were not relevant for me. 28. summary

  • What I needed:
  • product information - easy to find
  • recommendations from people I trust
  • proof by serious tech media 29. what does it mean to meas a communication consultant?

  • make people finding your products as easy as possible in www.
  • push credible articles with product features on google.
  • give people relevant informations via social network accounts.
  • identify influencers and make them talk about your products.
  • catch consumer with special offers via social media. 30.

  • christian henne
  • [email_address]
  • phone: +49 89 4185 8801