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<ul><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>The Catch 22 Group </p><p> Catch 22 2015 </p><p>Executive recruitment </p><p>Office </p><p>Support </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Our values </p><p>COLLABORATION Working in partnership with our clients and </p><p> candidates for mutual benefit </p><p>CAPABILITY Providing the people and expertise our clients </p><p> need, when they need them </p><p>COMPLIANCE Maintaining the highest standards to give our </p><p> clients and candidates peace of mind </p><p>COMMUNITY Creating a positive impact in the communities </p><p> we serve and the causes we support </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>We are the agency that talks to you, takes a detailed order, </p><p>gets all the small things right, meets and interviews the staff </p><p>and offers quality customer service throughout the process. </p><p>Quality comes as standard. We utilise technology to improve </p><p>our service NOT replace it. </p><p>Vince Parker, MD of Catch 22 </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Executive recruitment </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>A focussed service dedicated to identifying exceptional individuals to fill top ex-</p><p>ecutive roles who will help form, implement and deliver strategy, realising the cli-</p><p>ents vision for success. Our senior search consultants have in excess of 60 com-</p><p>bined years of exposure to the market and a wealth of industry knowledge. </p><p>Our involvement with the top professional echelons of FM, Estates and Property </p><p>Management gives us the insight necessary to source the very best candidates, </p><p>both selectively and discreetly. </p><p>From a senior candidates viewpoint, Catch 22 can offer advice and help plot their </p><p>course to a career goal through our network of contacts. </p><p>In general, candidates in this sector would command annual salaries from 30k </p><p>to 100k+ </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>At Catch 22, our decades of experience in the recruitment of Facilities and Property Man-</p><p>agement professionals ensures that we understand how our clients operate, their corpo-</p><p>rate culture and personality, so that only the most appropriate candidates for any posi-</p><p>tion are put forward. </p><p>We research our candidates, ensure that their background, experience and qualifica-</p><p>tions are right, perform skills testing and personality profiling, always with you, the cli-</p><p>ent, in mind. We apply the same exacting standards at all levels of the skills spectrum. </p><p>Catch 22 does the hard work so you dont have to. </p><p>Catch 22 will take your picture of the ideal candidate and seek them out. So whether </p><p>youre looking to fill a permanent position or have a project to complete or need to cover </p><p>an interim requirement, one call is all it takes. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Theres never been a tougher time to find the right hard services engineers and </p><p>management but they are vital for the smooth service delivery your clients de-</p><p>mand. As our built environment becomes ever more complex, skilled people with </p><p>up to date knowledge can make all the difference. </p><p>As a major recruiter to the FM and property industries, Catch 22 is able to source </p><p>skilled engineers and managers across the wide variety of disciplines involved in </p><p>ensuring your buildings are happy and healthy places to work. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Nowadays, compliance is an integral part of every business. Being up to speed in </p><p>the areas of safety, health, quality and environmental legislation is essential to </p><p>providing a compliant service and workplace. Catch 22 offers a best practice re-</p><p>cruitment solution to identifying qualified practitioners who can ensure that your </p><p>business is operating to optimum capability in these areas. </p><p>For smaller enterprises, these responsibilities often fall to the FM to implement </p><p>and administer. Its therefore critical that your next FM has the right experience </p><p>to deal with them effectively. </p><p>Selected as one of only four suppliers of SHQE personnel and management to </p><p>Transport for London, Catch 22 is ideally placed to find the right person for your </p><p>organisation. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Office Recruitment </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Your office team provides your company with vital support to keep your business func-</p><p>tioning smoothly. Any disruption to that support can have a severe effect on your core </p><p>operations; holidays, illness and increased demand are just some of the variables that </p><p>will affect the quality and delivery of that support. Catch 22 can help you plan the solu-</p><p>tion to such occasions. </p><p>The staff you need, when you need them - Post room Operatives, Receptionists, Admin </p><p>Assistants, Switchboard Operators, Archivists, Filing Clerks, Help Desk Operators, Repro-</p><p>graphics Staff, CAD Planners, Moves Co-Ordinators, Facilities Assistants in fact, the </p><p>whole range of office-based skills you need. </p><p>As a guide , staff in this sector would generally earn salaries of between 15k and 30k </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Support Recruitment </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>If your operation needs good old-fashioned muscle, regularly or occasionally, Catch 22 is </p><p>here to help. Sometimes, planning your staffing needs is clear cut because you know </p><p>what you need to achieve, by when and at what cost. Other times, the goalposts are </p><p>moved and you need to respond quickly to a new, unexpected or re-scheduled deadline. </p><p>Thats where we can step in. </p><p>Our reputation is built on supplying a whole range of quality temporary staff, often at </p><p>short notice. Over the years, our dedicated service has seen industrial22 become the </p><p>first choice supplier of temp staff to a myriad of blue-chip companies and organisations, </p><p>from small operations to large multi-nationals. Why? Because we are trusted to deliver </p><p>on time, to a high standard and at a value for money price. </p><p>Staff operating in this sector would generally attract salaries from Minimum Wage up to </p><p>30k. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>If your business relies on having quick access to reliable, customer-centric staff </p><p>for events, big or small, Catch 22 is the number to call. </p><p>Our experience in supplying staff to sporting events, concerts, social functions, </p><p>shows and exhibitions means you can book your staffing requirements with com-</p><p>plete confidence. </p><p>For bar and waiting staff, kitchen help, porters, leaflet distributors, facilitators, </p><p>exhibition stand assistance, car park staff and all kinds of customer service per-</p><p>sonnel, Catch 22 has it covered. </p><p>Your reputation is important, your standards are high; you need a staff supplier </p><p>who can match and exceed those standards, delivering exceptional service to </p><p>your customers that supplier is Catch 22. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Other services </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Catch 22 has been operating its Staff Outsourcing division since 1998, aimed pri-</p><p>marily at Property Management companies who operate manned buildings but </p><p>who would rather not have the headcount burden or dont have the Human Re-</p><p>sources capability to administer such staff. </p><p>Put simply, Catch 22 takes on the employment of site staff such as Building Man-</p><p>agers, Estates Managers, Caretakers and Receptionists under an agreement with </p><p>you, the client and with due regard for any TUPE issues. We then administer all </p><p>facets of payroll, personnel issues and offer advice on training and other HR mat-</p><p>ters. Most importantly, operational control remains firmly with you, the client. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>C22 Training presents two essential sessions for those starting out and for those </p><p>looking to progress. </p><p>Personal Development making the most of your personal brand </p><p>Managing Others Practical workshop </p><p>Workshops facilitated by Annelise Cruickshank, Vince Parker and Don Searle. An-</p><p>nelise has over 20 years experience in training and coaching across a wide sector </p><p>and at all organisational levels. Vince has over 30 years of client facing experi-</p><p>ence coupled with an intrinsic understanding of the power of networking. Don </p><p>has had a long career in the Hospitality, Facilities Management and Recruitment </p><p>industries and leads the C22 approach to social media. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Catch 22s Managed Services Division is dedicated to making life easier for our </p><p>clients. Its designed to provide a Total Solution tailored to your need for flexible </p><p>human resources. We can help you assess the way in which you deal with your </p><p>current resource providers and ensure your business objectives are met. </p><p> Single source for supply of all temporary staff, irrespective of classification </p><p> Supplier negotiates all rates with 3rd party suppliers </p><p> Preferential hiring rates </p><p> Volume discounts </p><p> Dedicate account/relationship management team </p><p> Agreed service levels </p><p> Regular reviews </p><p> Reduced workload/pressure on HR and Accounts depts. </p><p> Working with a well established and experienced partner </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Our Minor repairs division operates similar to a service provider but promises to save </p><p>you money and, with all staff available at short notice and around the clock. With </p><p>many of your organizations minor repairs able to be dealt with within the same day, we </p><p>save on man hours, whilst avoiding any unnecessary disruption to your working envi-</p><p>ronment. We also provide quotes for the work required for FREE. Some of the areas we </p><p>cover are Plasterers, Painters &amp; Decorators, Concrete Filling, Carpentry, Basic Plumb-</p><p>ing &amp; Leaks, Basic Electrical Faults, Tiling &amp; Flooring, and Preventive Maintenance </p><p>The Small Works division drives additional value out of the supplier relationships that </p><p>have been put in place to deliver a range of services to our clients. </p><p> We undertake to visit you </p><p> Check your requirements </p><p> Provide a specification complete with an estimate of costs for the required works. </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Catch 22s acclaimed service offers you the flexibility to choose the vehicles you need and </p><p>the staffing thats right to complete your projects on time and within budget. </p><p>All necessary equipment such as straps, blankets, crates, lifting apparatus, trolleys etc are </p><p>available for hire at nominal cost. </p><p>Insurance available - clients are reminded that only they have the insurable interests. </p><p>Rubbish clearance undertaken we are certified waste carriers, including hazardous waste. </p><p> </p><p> </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Features/Benefits Established in 1982 and still going strong </p><p> Unrivalled industry knowledge </p><p> 24 hour Service </p><p> Full time Temps </p><p> Nationwide coverage </p><p> Personal Touch service </p><p> IT-savvy but prefer to talk direct to you </p><p> Complete Recruitment offering </p><p> We know the business </p><p> Your guarantee of exceptional service </p><p> Were here when you need us </p><p> Reliability assured </p><p> Perm solutions anywhere </p><p> We tailor our service to you </p><p> relationship based on trust and understanding </p><p> Your virtual HR department at the end of the </p><p>phone </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>National Coverage </p><p>We have offices in both London and </p><p>Leeds meaning we have a wide reach </p><p>across the country: </p><p>London- 8 Laurence Pountney Hill, </p><p> London, EC4R OBE </p><p> 020 7220 8900 </p><p>Leeds 58 Albion Street, </p><p> Leeds, LS1 5 AA </p><p> 0113 242 8055 </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Compliance </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Social media </p><p> </p><p>@c22jobs @c22views </p><p> </p><p>The Catch22 Group </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Our Challenges + Our Quizzes = Nearly 500,000 raised </p><p>1997 The Three Peaks Our annual Charity </p><p>1999 The Welsh 3000s Quiz in March has </p><p>2001 The Glencoe Round been running since </p><p>2003 The Pembroke Coastline 2000 and attracts a </p><p>2005 Lakeland 4 Peaks full house every year </p><p>2007 Hadrians Wall </p><p>2009 The Cornish Coastline </p><p>2011 The Cumbria Way </p><p>2013 The Mendip Way </p><p>2015 The Calderdale Way </p><p>Charity Work </p></li><li><p>providing quality people </p><p>Our Sporting History </p><p> C22 Football, since 1982 </p><p> C22 Cricket, since 1988, at Lords </p><p> Golf Organisers of BIFM London Region and National </p><p>Finals since 2000 </p></li></ul>


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