At Your Service - Ten Restaurants' Websites, Reviewed!

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A class project's presentation on ten websites of various restaurants that we reviewed for utility as well as their inherent marketing value. I ended up putting together the presentation for it, hence why it's here. (Hey, easier than trying to remember my USB drive later...)

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At Your ServiceA Comprehensive Review of Ten Restaurant Websites

All of the restaurants whose sites we reviewed all have physical presence in Georgia, if not within the City of Atlanta.

So what difference does a website make?

A good website reflects the atmosphere and perceptions of the restaurant.

Good websites for restaurants allow people to see the menu, order food, or place reservations.

Most importantly, it should make people want to eat there.



Pizza Hut

Fellinis Pizza


The Real Chow Baby


The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Sun Dial


Interactivity Through FlashMany of the sites we saw used Adobe Flash as a common platform to give their sites more interactivity and flexibility in their design.Most modern browsers have Flash capability (but not all older browsers)Also, most mobile browsers cant handle Flash, making them unusable.

Everyone Loves PicturesPictures of the restaurant and food provide information (such as making the restaurant easier to find / spot)Pictures also anchor various design elements of the site Only certain pictures work, though. The pictures need to be not only professional, but relevant.

The .com ConventionThe URL of a website is how people find the site.If people cant type / remember the URL, then the site is useless (because nobody sees it!) Having an unusual TLD (like is much harder to remember than a similar .com

Bells & WhistlesWe found a correlation between the darkness of the reds on the site and the prestige of the restaurant. Sites with more multimedia content were more fun (and we spent more time on them!) After a while, however, the noise from various sites just became annoying.