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<ul><li><p> Blog </p></li><li><p>Our Process </p><p>More than a set of files : At Aloha Photography Studios, we </p><p>elie e our photo e perie e deser es ore tha a drag a d drop e di g. That s h e take the e tra step of printing your photos; meeting you in the comfort of your </p><p>home, and letting you pick from our fine selection of frames </p><p>a d al u s to est displa our fa il s e ories. Withi a o th of our photo sessio , ou ll ha e ta gi le, heirloo </p><p>artwork to be enjoyed for generations to come. </p><p>Wall Art : Each of our wall art collections are thoughtfully </p><p>created for your space using either hand-stretched canvas, </p><p>vibrant metal, or perfectly matted prints. Below are two </p><p>examples of our trademark designs. Individual art starts at </p><p>$300. Collections start at $1900. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Aloha, and we are so happy to hear </p><p>from you! </p><p>It s i porta t that e reall get to know each other. Tell me about the </p><p>important relationships in your life </p><p>and things that matter to you most. </p><p>Feel free to call us at 808-728-0437 </p><p>or we will call you. </p></li></ul>