6 Ways a Smartphone Can Help Your Small Business

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<ul><li><p>6 WAYS A SmartPhone</p><p>CAN HELP YOUR SMALL BUSINESS </p></li><li><p>1 Making and managing travel plans can be a nightmare, but smartphones can help ease that pain. Keep track of flight informa;on, check the weather of your des;na;on, and even make packing checklists to make your trips easier. </p><p>TRAVEL EASIER </p><p>RECOMMENDED APPS </p><p>Yahoo! Weather Packing Pro FlightTrack </p></li><li><p>2 Link your smartphone to the cloud to have access to all of your documents, any ;me you need them. You can even make changes to shared documents the moment they need upda;ng. </p><p>DOCS ON THE GO </p><p>RECOMMENDED APPS </p><p>Box Google Drive </p><p>Dropbox </p></li><li><p>3 These days, dealing only in bills and coins isnt sufficient. Mobile phones have the ability to easily accept credit card payments. If you run a small store, a simple app and phone aDachment is all it takes to be able to ask if your customers want to pay with paper or plas;c. </p><p>GET PAID </p><p>RECOMMENDED APPS </p><p>GoPayment Square </p><p>PayPal Here </p><p>$ </p></li><li><p>4 Chances are you arent in your office 24/7, but that doesnt mean you cant stay connected with your team. Text messages and calls arent always enough, though, but smartphones offer many other ways to improve communica;on such as Instant Messages and video calls. </p><p>STAY CONNECTED </p><p>RECOMMENDED APPS </p><p>Skype Kik Messenger </p><p>Gmail </p></li><li><p>5 Crea;ng a social media presence is important for a small business, but keeping it up to date can be difficult if youre ;ed down to a computer. Smartphones allow you to keep your social media network current with ;mely informa;on, photos, and videos, no maDer your loca;on. </p><p>SOCIAL MEDIA </p><p>RECOMMENDED APPS </p><p>LinkedIn Facebook TwiIer </p></li><li><p>6 Forget about paying for a whole new phone system! Your smartphone can act as a professional business line with a digital call center. Get a business number, individual extensions, a virtual recep;onist, and more, with no need to use anything but your cell phone. </p><p>MANAGE CALLS </p><p>RECOMMENDED SERVICE MightyCall </p></li></ul>