10 Twitter Tips for Local Businesses

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How to use Twitter to promote your business.

Text of 10 Twitter Tips for Local Businesses

10 Twitter Tips for Local Businesses

10 Twitter Tips for Local BusinessesPresented byMegan CorwinLocalMotives MarketingTwitter: @mcorwin

Getting StartedFill out your profile completely.

Followers will need to find a connection with you, whether it be based on location or what you sell, so be sure to include these items within your profile. Also, be sure to add your website link on your profile pageGetting StartedDont follow others just to get them to follow you back.

This is an outdated tactic and will just junk up your Twitter stream.

Instead, start by following a few influencers in your community (ie. local magazines, newspapers, and bloggers).Getting StartedStart tweeting, and be sure to do it regularly. While current promotions are an obvious place to start, be sure to include other content as well.

Some ideas include behind the scenes of your business, company milestones, and personal anecdotes.

Keeping it GoingIf you are attending an event, meet someone from another business, read a book you like, or find a product you especially enjoy, tweet about it and be sure to @ mention them in your tweet.

The majority of people will retweet your item or reply to you, which will be seen by their followers.Keeping it GoingSure, the Direct Message box can get full of spam, but check it each time you log in just in case someone sent you something that needs your attention.

Also check for @ mentions of your Twitter handle, too.

Keeping it GoingUse 1-2 hashtags per tweet, but not more.

Look at what hashtags others in your local area are using, such as #columbus or #cbus (a common abbreviation for Columbus, Ohio) and use those. Also try hashtags related to your business niche.

Keeping it GoingAdd photos to your tweets.

Whether it is a new menu item or an infographic, tweets with images tend to have more engagement.

Next StepsTry a sweepstakes or contest to get attention to for your Twitter account, website, and business.

See the resources listed at the end of the presentation for additional information.Next StepsWhile it is tempting to directly connect your tweets to your Facebook page, it isnt recommended.

Twitter users are used to seeing hash tags and very brief messages. This form of communication can look junky and lazy on Facebook. Take the extra time to go post it on Facebook.For More InformationMegan CorwinInternet Marketing StrategistLocalMotives Marketing

Web: http://localmotivesmarketing.comTwitter: @mcorwinInstagram: @megancorwin