Pearl Waterless New Zealand - Mobile Waterless Car Cleaning and Detailing System

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Sensational Services use innovative and the very best Waterless Eco Wash Solutions, unique paint sealants and fabric protection systems. Proud users of Pearl of Car Care products – A revolution that protects your investment whilst caring for the environment.

Text of Pearl Waterless New Zealand - Mobile Waterless Car Cleaning and Detailing System

  • 1. Sensational Services founded by Patrick Herman with 10 years experience in the commercial cleaning industry, is proud to be in partnership with Pearl Waterless International setting a great platform for success in New Zealand with the Advanced Technology Waterless Cleaning & Detailing System.

2. Mobile Waterless Car Cleaning and Detailing System thats great for the environment! 3. Why Waterless? The waste water that runs off a car when it is washed contains a range of substances that may pollute the environment. These include soaps and detergents, mud, rubber and grease. If these substances enter the storm water system, they will eventually find their way into our lakes, rivers, harbours and oceans wherever the storm water discharges. There are approximately 4.2 million vehicles registered in New Zealand. If every vehicle was washed once a month with 40 litres of water (5 buckets), over 1680 million litres of polluted water could enter the storm water system every year. Pearl products are eco- friendly thus safe for the environment and at the same time saves water. 4. Helping the environment by saving water!!! Happy customer's with sensational showroom finish. 5. Visit @