Pearl Universal Cleaner - The Multi-Surface Cleaner

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  • Pearl Universal Cleaner The Multi-SurfaceCleaner

  • Pearl Universal Cleaner is versatile and water-based,multi-surfacecleaner.

    Environmentally friendly formula is fully biodegradable and contains no harsh detergent or abrasive chemicals.Active robust cleaning action for all exterior surfaces including paintwork wheels and glass. Quickly and efficiently lifts away stubborn traffic film, brake dust, grease, tree sap, insect remains, tar and bird lime.

  • SILICONE FREE FORMULATIONAvailable inready-to-useand super concentrate formulations.Pearl Universal ConcentrateTo achieve the optimum working solution:Dilute 1 part concentrate with up to 20 parts water (1:20).E.g. 1L of Universal Concentrate makes 21L ofready-to-useproduct.

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