Choosing your 99 04 mustang headlights

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  1. 1. Choosing Your 99-04 Mustang Headlights Headlights can do a lot for the appearance of a Mustang. The wrong headlights can leave others thinking youd be better suited in an import but the right ones really show you know how to style your Mustang. Lets start off by going over the different headlights used between 1994 and 2004. -From 1994-98 Ford used 2 piece, chroming housing headlights. -From 1999-00 Ford used 1 piece, chrome housing headlights. -From 2001-04 Ford used 1 piece, black housing headlights. Of the headlights Ford used between these years, the black housing headlights appealed to the majority of Mustang owners. If youre not content with OEM headlights then there is a decent aftermarket selection awaiting you. For 94-98 Mustangs you can find black housing headlights, halo headlights, and even single piece headlights. For 99-04 Mustangs the three main aftermarket options are black housings with clear corners, projectors, and halo headlights. For the most part, projector and halo headlights are no-nos on Mustangs. The headlights just dont fit with the Mustang style. Black housing headlights work with any color Mustang. Chrome housing headlights can work with the right accents on the car. Chrome wheels definitely help and stainless steel bumper inserts might add the extra touch that pulls it all together. Possibly the best option is the black housing headlights with clear corners. The help retain the factory look but push a more edgy look than amber corner headlights. Remember to make your headlight decision wisely as it is really a highlighted part of your Mustangs front end. by McQueen