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  1. 1. 2011 CL-Class
  2. 2. Limited only in number.Liberating in every way.What drives us to gather the most time -honored traditions of motoring andset them free? For 125 years, weve had two fundamental motivations: thepassionate desire to travel in ways that only existed in the imagination andthe ingenuity to make these dreams real. Ever since inventing the first car,the engineers of Mercedes -Benz have been reimagining not just what setsthe world in motion, but what stimulates our emotion. The best or nothing.This was the mantra of Gottlieb Daimler, and it remains the driving force ofMercedes -Benz today. It is why the most exacting engineering, exhaustivetesting, painstaking craftsmanship and precise interweaving of every aspectof performance come together to form such an uninhibited result: the 2011CL-Class. Its freshly resculpted body achieves extraordinary rigidity withoutthe visible encumbrance of a center roof pillar to engender a panoramicsense of freedom befitting a true coupe. Its new twin-turbo V-8 unleashesappreciable swells in power, torque and visceral response yet it consumesless fuel and leaves behind fewer emissions. Its innovative chassis systemsharness the forces of nature with unbending confidence and unparalleledgrace. And its advanced technology engages the driver and car in a seamless,intimate bond. Every detail of the CL-Class has been thoughtfully deliberated,to make the fortunate few who will call it their own feel thoroughly liberated.
  3. 3. Introducing the redesigned 2011 CL-Class.For more information, please visit MBUSA.com/CL-Class CL 550 shown on covers with Black paint, and optional Driver Assistance and Sport Packages. CL 550 shown above with Flint Grey metallic paint and optional 19" multispoke wheels.
  4. 4. Squeezes air. Pinches fuel. Hugs corners. Embraces change.A new era of power. For decades, the coupes of Mercedes -Benz have reignited driving passion with dramatic breakthroughs in performance from fuel injection inthe 1950s to the Electronic Stability Program (ESP ) in the 1990s. For 2011, a new generation of leaner, meaner and cleaner engines debuts with the CL 550s 429-hp4.6-liter V-8. Its twin turbochargers spin up to 150,000 rpm to boost low -end torque by as much as 45%. New high-pressure Direct Injection microscopically fine-tunesthe fuel spray, while rapid-multispark ignition fires up to 4,000 times per second squeezing more thrust, and fewer emissions, from every atom of gasoline. And as itsAIRMATIC suspension turns compressed air into calm composure, and its 4matic all-wheel drive hugs the road, the CL 550 reminds you how refreshing change can be.Action. With 429 hp and 516 lb -ft of peak torque, the Reaction. The CL 550 delivers the silky - smooth response Attraction. Strong yet lightweight alloy wheels captureCL 550 rockets from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds.1of a 7- speed automatic transmission. A robust 5 - speedyour attention as compellingly as they conquer corners.Standard 4matic all-wheel drive continually redistributes automatic deftly manages the CL 600s staggering torque.Bold 5 -spoke 18" wheels are standard on the CL 550,torque to the wheels with the best grip, for commandingThe elegant electronic selector operates with fingertip ease. while options include multispoke 19" wheels, 10-spokeconfidence in any season.2 The rear-wheel-drive CL 600s Driver- adaptive logic keeps pace with your driving style, or 20" wheels (shown), and either 19" or 20" AMG 5-spoketwin-turbo V-12 outputs 510 hp and 612 lb -ft of torque. take charge with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.wheels as part of the two available Sport Packages.3
  5. 5. CL 550 shown with Iridium Silver metallic paint and optional Driver Assistance Package.
  6. 6. Prepares for the future. To protect your legacy.An unsurpassed heritage of looking out for whats ahead. Look back over the life story of the automobile and youll findMercedes-Benz continually leading the way in safety innovation from the invention of the first crumple zone 60 years ago to theexclusive PRE -SAFE system of today that can detect and prepare for a collision before it happens. True to its heritage, the 2011CL-Class is engineered with visionary safety advances that watch the road ahead and to your side, and that help you to see andbe seen. Maybe all cars will do this someday. The protection a CL-Class offers today could rewrite the story of your own life.Body structure. Even without visible B -pillars, the CL- Class body PRE- SAFE. During certain vehicle maneuvers, the exclusivestructure achieves exceptional rigidity. Extensive use of ultra-highPRE-SAFE system can detect instability suggesting that a collisionand high-strength steel in critical areas helps it manage both weight or rollover is imminent. PRE-SAFE can then tighten the front seatand impact forces. Advanced crumple zones help dissipate impact belts, adjust the front passenger seat, and close the windows andenergy over, under and around the reinforced passenger cabin. sunroof all in an effort to better prepare the occupants.7Standard 11-way air bag protection. A system of nine air bags DISTRONIC PLUS with PRE- SAFE Brake. Another breakthroughoffers 11-way protection.4 Every CL-Class features dual-stage front air first introduced by Mercedes-Benz, this active cruise control option5bags, a drivers knee air bag, front and rear side-impact air bags, and adapts your set speed in response to traffic ahead. It automaticallyside curtain air bags for all four seats. Every seat belt is equipped slows or even stops your car, and then resumes when your pathwith an Emergency Tensioning Device (ETD) and belt-force limiter. is clear again.8 The system also includes PRE-SAFE Brake, whoseradar-based sensors can detect an impending collision with thevehicle ahead. PRE-SAFE Brake automatically applies up to 100%Brighter lighting. All -LED taillamps provide quicker illuminationof the cars braking power to help reduce the severity of impact.9of the brake lamps than conventional bulbs, potentially reducing thereaction time of drivers behind you. Standard Bi -Xenon headlampsfeature Active Curve Illumination and Adaptive Highbeam Assist an ATTENTION ASSIST. By continually monitoring numerous drivinginnovation that continuously varies the headlamp range to maximizebehaviors, this Mercedes - Benz innovation can audibly and visuallyillumination without creating glare for other drivers. Bright white LED alert the driver if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips.10Daytime Running Lamps maximize visibility with minimal energy draw.Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist.Night View Assist PLUS with Pedestrian Detection. WhenThese optional systems 5 can warn the driver of unintended driftingyoure driving in darkness, this innovative option 5 projects invisible across visible lane markings10 and at speeds above 20 mph alertinfrared beams and reads them with a special camera. The system the driver to some unseen vehicles in the adjacent lane.11 Shoulddisplays a clearer, supplemental real-time view of the road ahead the driver disregard these alerts, new active technology for 2011on an in- dash 8" screen positioned directly in front of the driver.allows either system to help guide the car back into its own laneIt can even help to identify and point out pedestrians.6by gently applying the brakes to specific wheels.
  7. 7. CL 550 shown with Palladium Silver metallic paint and optional Driver Assistance Package.
  8. 8. Comfort you never imagined. Craftsmanship we never forgot.Innovative luxury. Intuitive elegance. Time -honored customs meet new-age convenience in the CL-Class. Four individually contoured seats a Mercedes-Benzcoupe hallmark are divided by a sweeping full console. Hand-fitted leather, hand-finished wood, brushed metal and polished chrome adorn virtually every surfaceof the seats, doors, dash and steering wheel. Elegantly designed controls fall naturally to your hands, and even the most advanced systems operate with an intuitivesimplicity. The COMAND system puts audio, navigation, vehicle settings and information such as real- time traffic reports within easy reach, with a convenient centralcontroller, Enhanced Voice Control and two high- resolution 8" widescreens. Making something startlingly new feel comfortably familiar is a Mercedes-Benz tradition.Thoughtful. Heated and Active Ventilated front seats offer Delightful. With 600 watts of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround Insightful. PARKTRONIC with Parking Guidance helps12-way power adjustment, four zones of lumbar supportsound, the 11-speaker harman/kardon LOGIC7 systemyou size up a parallel parking space as you drive by, thenand 3-position memory. Optional Drive -Dynamic front seats lets you enjoy HD Radio stations, SIRIUS Satellite Radio,13 guides you into it. The Premium 2 Package 5 adds a rearadd a massage function and active support in cornering iPod integration,14 a 6-DVD/CD changer, memory cardview camera16 that shows a live color image on the centralmaneuvers. The wood/leather multifunction steering wheel reader and 7.2GB Music Register for storing digital music.8" widescreen when you shift into Reverse. The exclusiveputs audio and Bluetooth controls at your fingertips.12 The 40GB hard- drive navigation system15 features Zagatnew SPLITVIEW option17 lets you play a DVD movie on theOptional heating 5 can quickly warm your hands in winter.Survey ratings and SIRIUS Traffic with dynamic re-routing. same screen thats only visible to the front passenger.
  9. 9. CL 550 shown with Sahara Beige/Black Premium leather interior and Burl Walnut wood trim.
  10. 10. The CL 63 AMG and CL 65 AMG.Performance art. Signed by the artist.One man, one engine. Beyond all the racing trophies earned in the storied legacy of AMG thehigh -performance arm of Mercedes-Benz one small plaque tells an even greater story. Affixedatop each AMG engine, i