Understand photography for digital media

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The photograph has been taken for the cover of Nicki Minajs2 album; Roman Reloaded.

The type of photography is a close up portrait of Nicki Minaj.

*This photograph has been taken to promote sales of the film THE EYE.*The photography is mid close-up portrait because she is the main focusof the film.*The girl is center frame and the shot is a mid close up. It has been used because the girl in the shot is clearly the focus of the film therefor she isthe focus of the photograph. *The composition is that only the front light has been used therefor the audience can not see anything behind her in the background but the audience can still see all of her facial features.*The focus of this particular photograph is the girl, there is a sharp focus on her face and a sort focus on the background.*The colour back is used a lot in this photograph, black represents darkness and maybe danger. This then automatically suggests that the film is going to be a horror just by association with the colours used. The colour white is also used in this photograph, white is seen as pure colour, this suggests that the girl in the photograph is pure and clean. *The main focus is the girl in the photograph and the text is mainly towards the bottom on the Photograph.*it premotes the product by advertising the film on the front of the disk.*