Top 10 Famous Impressionist Artists of All Time

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  • 1. Top 10 Famous Impressionist Artists of All Times

2. Impressionism refers to a type of painting that was developed back in the 19th century. According to studies related to art, impressionism has its roots in Paris, France and became popular as a result of strings of individual exhibitions that were hosted by impressionists. At the time, impressionism was greatly opposed by the Orthodox Church as well as traditional art society. However, with time, it has managed to develop into one of the most essential forms of art that are appreciated universally. While the idea and techniques may have evolved over the years, there are some impressionists who remain the best of all times. Indeed, there works are highly appreciated and are, thus, highly priced. WahooArt greatly values these artists and provides their reproduced works in the highest quality possible. 3. Claude Monet Born in 1840, Claude Monet is regarded as the greatest impressionist of all times. As a matter of fact, Claude Monet is considered as the founding father of the French Impressionist Movement. If you are an art aficionado, especially impressionist art, then youll agree that majorities of modern impressionists draw their inspiration from Claude Monet. Some of the memorable works done by Claude Monet include The Woman in the Green Dress and The Sunrise. 4. Edgar Degas Born in 1834, Edgar Degas is another French artist who is largely regarded as one the greatest impressionists that ever lived. Edgar Degas was not only well-known for his paintings, but also his sculptures. Alongside Claude Monet, he was one of the members that started Impressionist Movement. His mastery is clearly displayed in his paintings and most people remember Edgar Degas for the depth portrayed in his paintings, which showcases human physiology. He is particularly known for the best nude paintings of all times. 5. Edouard Manet Edouard Manet was born in 1832 in Paris, France. According to historians, he came from a wealthy family. Edouard Manet is credited for having been among the first impressionists to depict contemporary- life subjects. The Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia are some of the famous paintings that Edouard Manet created and are appreciated to date. 6. Camille Pissaro Camille Pissaro was born in the tiny island of St. Thomas. To his peers, he was known as the dean of impressionist artistes. He attained this tag as a result of having been the oldest artiste in his category as well as his caring and humble nature. Consequently, a number of impressionists at the time viewed him as a father figure. His paintings were unique since he painted subjects in their ordinary environment. Unlike other artists at the time, he did not add embellishments so as to enhance his painting. 7. Paul Cezanne Born in 1839, Paul Cezanne is a huge influence when it came to impressionism. It is widely believed that he started the form of art that bore repetitive and noticeable brushstrokes. Paul Cezanne is the one who inspired the famous painting of Picasso. Furthermore, it is believed that Paul Cezanne was the one who created a connection between Impressionism and Cubism. 8. Pierre-Auguste Renoir Pierre-Auguste Renoir was the artist who played a key role in the creation of impressionist form of art. His paintings mainly focused on the female splendor and sensuality. According to historians, paintings byPierre-Auguste Renoir were among the first to be showcased at the first autonomous Impressionist Exhibition that was hosted in Paris, France in the year 1874. 9. Frederic Bazille Frederic Bazille was well known for his paintings that depicted the outdoors also commonly referred to as en plein air in French. Besides painting, Frederic also studied medicine. However, he focused on impressionism after having failed in the medical examination. Having come from an affluent family, Frederic tried to assist other impressionist artist showcase their works. 10. Alfred Sisley Alfred Sisley was famous for his impressionist landscape paintings. In contrast to other impressionist artists whose paintings depicted human figures, Alfred Sisley concentrated on landscape painting. As was the case with majorities of artists then, Alfred Sisleys works were never recognized until his demise. Whereas Alfred Sisley was a prolific British impressionist artist, he was born in France. 11. Berthe Morisot Berthe Morisot is one of the few women impressionist artistes whose works are still revered to date. Some of her paintings were showcased at the renowned Salon de Paris. Nonetheless, in spite of not having most of her works displayed at major art exhibitions around France she managed to become one of the first impressionists whose works of arts were displayed in an art exhibition that was hosted in Paris, France in 1874. 12. Mary Cassatt Whereas Mary Cassatt was born in the United States, major part of her life was spent in France. She contributed to the impressionist movement after having met Edgar Degas in Paris, France. Her paintings portrayed the personal and social lives of women who were living in the 19th century. 13. The famous works of these impressionists can be found at WahooArt. We greatly appreciate their expertise and aim to provide the highest quality possible. For all the impressionism fans, WahooArt can provide several works of these top ten artists in the minimum prices, while the quality is aimed to be as high as that of the original works!