Tips on how to successfully manage a share point

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  • 1. Tips on How to SuccessfullyManage a SharePoint ProjectKen K Murei
  • 2. Presentation Objectives Share tips on how to successfully manage a SharePoint project which often has many minefields that can be avoided
  • 3. Ken Murei SharePoint Consultant with over 7 years experience in deploying SharePoint SolutionsExperience in: Kenya Airways Housing Finance Ministry of Education (GOK) UNDP Kenya Pipeline Corporation
  • 4. Tip #1 Know that in SharePoint Projects, its 30% technology 70% people Executive buy in important User adoption is critical Your project management team handling of the people aspect of the project can either break or make the project
  • 5. Questions to answer Executive Buy in What are the business drivers and will SharePoint help solve some of its challenges? User Adoption Will SharePoint make my work easier by solving my current work environment challenges? Explaining these answers to these stakeholders in a realistic way and delivering your promise in SharePoint solution helps in managing peoples expectations which is critical
  • 6. Tip #2 You must have a clearly defined SharePoint Project road map Use project charter document to set scope and manage expectations of what you promise to deliver Use Project plan document to manage resources, set milestones, define tasks and timelines for delivery
  • 7. Questions to Answer Is it realistic to meet the project specification on the set time and budget? Can the project be split into phases to avoid overstretched project requirements and what are the priorities for the initial phase?
  • 8. Tip #3 You need the right team with clearly defined roles on board Committed Project Sponsor (IT Head) Project Manager Business (Business Analyst) Project Manager Technical Project Coordinator (Administration) Steering committee (Executives) Web Champions (Users) Developer(s)
  • 9. Questions to answer? What role which each of these team member play and how critical are they to the success of the project? What is the communication plan between the project team members? How often will the team members meet and what will be the agenda?
  • 10. Tip # 4 Proper delivery Model will win confidence Iterative release of features provide immediate visibility and reduces pressure Offers opportunity for early user engagement Opportunity for incremental end user training and UAT
  • 11. Questions to answer? What interesting features relatively easy to implement can be offered early into the project? What SharePoint platform features can be used by users to develop their own SharePoint solutions?
  • 12. Tip #5 How the project end is also important Training the trainer( web champions) Combine final training with final UAT Use casual out office locations camps, hotels, conference centers Make it fun and interesting If done well it will guarantee final approval by users during the UAT
  • 13. Questions to Answer? Is there budget and resources for out of office Final UAT & Training? Who will bear the cost? What are the best dates of availability for the project sponsor and web champions to be available for this? What resources are needed to pull it off ?(Internet, projector, laptops, servers etc)
  • 14. End. Q&A Email: Mobile : +254 722 714829 Twitter: @kenmurei