The lizard peninsula photography tour

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  1. 1. The Lizard Peninsula Photography Tour Cornwall may not be as lively as London, Cardiff, Liverpool or Manchester. All of those mentioned cities certainly have places that photographers would be dying to take photos of, but Cornwall offers its visitors a different charm. For those who love a more peaceful and calming experience but still with dramatic images, then the Lizard Peninsula is a great place for that. Located in the Southwestern-most point of Britain in the county of Cornwall The Lizard offers majestic coastlines that face the Sea on all sided. Among these coasts are some of Cornwalls most famous landmarks like Lands End. Here you can find time to treasure moments of serenity that it offers its visitors. Whether it is a view of the sea by the shore, or on a cliff, this place certainly has it. You can take photos of the sun setting, waves crashing on the cliffs, and the shops and restaurants that exhibit the countys culture and food. The Lizard has been a continuing source of inspiration for artists and writers. Surrounded by the sea, the peninsula stands alone, in a very real sense. It has also been recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has international botanical importance here you can find 15 of Britains rarest plants! Aside from its magnificent coastlines, Cornwall has lots more to offer its visitors. Marine Discovery is one of those attractions that offers visitors the chance to experience the diverse and unique marine life that can only be found in Cornwall. It offers boat rides and even encounters with seals, porpoises, dolphins, basking sharks, and more. It is also has ancient landmarks from many years ago which appeal to many photographers as well as the little quaint cottages and villages. Cornwall has so much so offer and has a very interesting history including the tin mining and fishing industry. The accommodation for this photography tour will be on the edge of the dramatic cliffs of the Lizard peninsula, with uninterrupted sea views directly above the quaint fishing harbour of Mullion Cove. You should be able to get lots of shots of the dramatic coastline. This photography tour is being led by Carla Reglar who started photography in 2010 and has quickly developed a unique skill in the way she captures images. In 2014 she won a place in the highly acclaimed Epson International Panoramic Awards. Carla lives on the south coast of Cornwall. It is designed for people of all levels and will take place between 16th - 19th October 2015. The cost of this tour is 899 which includes Accommodation, breakfasts, transportation during course and tuition from Carla Regler. Waterproofs and good walking boots are essential as we all know what the good old British weather can be like.
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