The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards: The shortlisted Finalists

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Sony World Photography Awards 2016The 2016 edition of theSony World Photography Awards the worlds biggest photography competition, organised by the World Photography Organisation, announces the shortlists for its Professional, Open and Youth competitions. This years shortlist is defined by its sheer internationality, with over 270 photographers from nearly 60 countries being represented, the most in the awards nine-year history.

Andrey Narchuk, Russia, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Nature and Wild Life

Khairel Anuar Che Ani, Malaysia, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Split Second.

Stephanie Sinclair, United States, Shortlist, Professional, Daily Life.

Stephan Zirwes, Germany, Shortlist, Professional, Architecture

Elie Kauffmann, France, Shortlisted, Open Competition, People

Matthias Hangst, Germany, Shortlist, Professional , Sport

Attila Balogh, Hungury, Open Competition, Shortlisted, Open, Architecture

Peter Voss, Germany, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Smile

Kristoffer Eliassen, Norway, Shortlist, Professional , Staged

Andrea Rossato, Italy, Shortlist, Professional, Candid

Rob Gregory, United States, Shortlist, Professional , Campaign

Talia Rudofsky, United Kingdom, Shortlisted, Youth Competition, Portraiutre

Tugo Cheng, China, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Travel

Giancarlo Ceraudo, Italy, Shortlist, Professional , Candid

Cristina Vatielli, Italy, Shortlist, Professional, Staged

Patrick Sinkel, Germany, Shortlist, Professional , Sport

Alexander Semenov, Russia, Shortlist, Professional, Environment

Alejandro Beltran, Venezuela, Shortlist, Professional, Conceptual

Marielle van Uitert, Netherlands, Shortlist, Professional , Contemporary Issues

Juliette Blanchard, France, Shortlist, Professional , Staged

Fauzan Ijazah, Indonesia, Shortlist, Professional , Portraiture

Anton Unitsyn, Russia, Shortlist, Professional , Daily Life

Karolis Janulis, Lithuania, Shortlisted, Open Competition, People

Steiner Wang, Taiwan, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Nature and Wild Life

Nikolai Linares, Denmark, Shortlist, Professional , Sport

Lucy Nicholson, UK, Shortlist, Professional , Environment

Alberto Alicata, Italy, Shortlist, Professional , Staged

Oliver Schwarzwald, Germany, Shortlist, Professional, Still Life

Filippo Venturi, Italy, Shortlist, Professional , People

Yvonne Brandwijk, Netherlands, Shortlist, Professional, Candid

Jens Juul, Denmark, Shortlist, Professional , Sport

Haruihiko Kawaguchi, Japan, Shortlist, Professional , Staged

Patrick Willocq, Hong Kong, Shortlist, Professional , Portraiture

Petr Antonov, Russian Federation, Shortlist, Professional, Architecture

Eric Madeja, Switzerland, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Nature and Wild Life

David Chancellor, United Kingdom, Shortlist, Professional, Campaign

Repesse Antoine, France, Shortlist, Professional , Campaign

Espen Rasmussen, Norway, Shortlist, Daily Life, Current Affairs

Alexandre Pruvost, France, Shortlist, Professional, Candid

Tanveer Rohan, Bangladesh, Shortlisted, Open Competition, Arts and CultureEND23-FEBRERO-2016