SMART Moment - Photography 101

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The basics of taking a great photoHow to control exposure?

Light sensitivityApertureShutter speedISOLight sensitivityApertureShutter speedISOWhat is aperture?Opening inside a lens diaphragmMeasured by f-stop / f-numberA large aperture means a large opening but is actually a small f-number

Bokeh! Aka background blur f/1.4

Light sensitivityShutter speedISOApertureWhat is shutter speed?Time a cameras shutter remains open as a picture is takenMeasured by fractions of a secondThe higher the number, the smaller the fraction and therefore the faster the shutter speed isSlower Faster11/4 1/15 1/601/125 1/5001/2000seconds

1/125 secondf/2.81/10 secondf/101/2 secondf/22

8 seconds f/2.8

Star trails600 seconds f/1.8

1/4000 second f/2.8Light sensitivityShutter speedISOApertureWhat is ISO?Level of sensitivity of camera to available lightThe lower the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to lightISO 100 ISO 3200Darker imageLess noiseHigher qualityBrighter imageMore noiseLower quality

ISO 3200More noiseShutter speedISOApertureDepth of FieldMotion BlurNoiseThe Exposure Triangle

Rule of ThirdsRule of thumb that says images are more aesthetically pleasing if the subject is placed a third away from the edge of the picture

Thanks for your time!Questions?