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  • 1. Skepticism and Structures

2. Many great cities of the world have man madeicons that were initially built either to betemporary structures or that were met withskepticism.Today those cities are immediately recognized bythose icons and they enjoy the benefits from themillions of visitors and the millions of dollars thosevisitors represent. 3. 6.75 M visitors in 2009. 220M since its construction. Height 1063 Ft.Built by public funds in 1889 for an Exposition as a temporary structure. For many years it was considered an eyesore by Parisians. 4. 3.5M visitors per year. Height 435 Ft. Built by public funds. When itwas initially proposed there was a public outcry. The general publicsimply did not want a giant Ferris Wheel in the middle of historic downtown London. 5. 4M visitors per year. Height 630 Ft. Built by public funds. The projectstarted in the 40s with an architectural contest. It was not built until the 60s because the public thought it was folly. 6. Skepticism at its best (worst)16. 64M visitors in 2009. Height 189 Ft. Built by private fundswith public incentives.In the early 1960s, back when the St. JoeCo. was still in the business of growingFlorida pines, not developing Florida realestate, legend has it that a Hollywood moviemogul by the name of Walt Disney paid avisit to the timber companys then-CEO, EdBall. Disney, you see, was in the market forsome Florida land--something about anamusement park--and land was what St. Joehad in spades. St. Joe owned then (and stillowns today) about a million acres in theFlorida Panhandle. All Disney needed was30,000.Ball made Disney wait in his foyer forhours. At the end of the day Balls secretaryemerged from his office with a handwrittennote for the movie man. The message: "Wedont deal with carnival people." 7. The Falls at Vineyard Mountain & Mount Pegasus Emerson, Ga. 2.5-3M visitors the 1st year. Height 190 Ft. To be built by private funds with public incentives. Atlanta Business Chronicle 8/31/07 The proposal has attracted the attentionof state economic development officials. "This is the kind of project that weve been hoping for," said Charlie Gatlin, state deputy commissioner for tourismand marketing, who attended the Aug. 28 meeting. Tourism officials havestruggled with the perception that Georgia is a "pass-through state," for folksconnecting to flights at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ordriving through to get to Florida. "We want points of destination," he said. 8. In 2011 $ 200M will be needed to build the Atlanta Eye. A substantial portion of this could be funded byThe Georgia Tourism Development Act Atlanta Skyline May See Change Giant Sightseeing Ferris Wheel May Come To Atlanta by Ray Arzate, CBS Atlanta Reporter POSTED: 8:56 pm EST November 10, 2010 UPDATED: 8:26 am EST November 11, 2010 ATLANTA -- There may be a huge change coming soon to the Atlantaskyline. The same developers behind the London Eye, the huge Ferris wheel thatseems to be a focal point of the London skyline, want to build a replica indowntown Atlanta. The developers met with about 30 Atlanta business representatives Tuesday. They will have to raise about $200 million for the project. The developmentgroup said the wheel would be about 45 stories high and bring in about 2.7million visitors a year. 9. What conclusion can we draw?> An imposing edifice, done properly, can stand thetest of time> FORM follows FUNCTION> We have FORM and we have FUNCTION> When private enterprise is assisted by governmentincentives, as in The Georgia Tourism DevelopmentAct, the synergy can create a national icon that canbenefit the local economy in many ways for a longtime. 10. Indoor Snow Domes Around the WorldDubai 11. Indoor Snow Domes Around the World 12. UK India ...ready to ride Snow World, Hyderabad (no skiing/boarding, but snowballs, SNO!zone Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (more details and pics on the SNO!zone)snow dancing and snow sculping!) SNO!zone Castleford, West Yorkshire Japan SNO!zone Braehead, Glasgow Tamworth Snowdome, Staffordshire Big Air Fukoaka, Fukuoka (snowboard & short-ski) Chill Factore, Trafford Park, Manchester Kamui Snowboard Park, Baraki (snowboard only) The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead Coolval Tokyo, Tokyo Snova Kobe Free-ku, Kobe (50m long, 26m width) Snowva Hiroshima Boarders Arena, Hiroshima the pipeline Seibuen Yuenchi Snowboard Park, Seitama (150m long, 236m SnOasis, Great Blakenham (provisional planning permission given; due to open 2012) width) Wycombe SnowDome, High Wycombe (development postponed, May 2009) SwanseaLithuania SNORAS Snow Arena, Druskininkai municipality, (460m long, 50m width) Australia Coffs Harbour, NSW Malaysia Lido Boulevard, Jahor area (construction due to commence Belgium2011) Snow ValleyNetherlands Skibaan Casablanca, s-Gravenwezel Snow Village, Biddinhuizen Ice Mountain, Komen (210m long)Montana Snowcentre, Valkenswaard Snow Games, AntwerpUithof, Den Haag Ski Dome, Ruchpen SnowWorld, Zoetermeer (210m) ChinaSnowWorld, Landgraaf (500m) Qiaobo Ice & Snow World, Beijing (120m inside a man made cave) Snowplanet, Spaarnwoude (230m long + 100m beginners slope) Shanghai Yinqixing Indoor Snow Centre (380m) New Zealand Snowplanet, Auckland Dubai Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai (worlds largest indoor snow resort)Singapore Snow City, Singapore France Snowhall, Amnville-les-ThermesSpain Madrid Snowdome, Madrid FinlandSouth Africa Kymppi Arena, Kylpyla Hotelli Vesileppis, Leppavirta Snowfun, Cape Town Germany Jever Skihalle Neuss, Dusseldorf Alpin Center am Tetraeder, Bottrop Snow Funpark, Wittenburg Snow Dome Bispingen, Hamburg Snowtropolis, Horlitz 13. 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