Once Upon a Time

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A photo album documenting fond memories of a family home.

Text of Once Upon a Time

  • 1. Once Upon A Time

2. In a magnificent castle 3. Great feasts were celebrated 4. And the clan gathered regularly. 5. There wasalways timefor intimateluncheons 6. And tocelebrate specialoccasions. 7. It was a parade ground 8. And a barnyard 9. And home tomany uniquebreeds. 10. It was an equestrian center 11. And a testing ground for new ideas. 12. Great ballets were staged here 13. Along withmagnificent concerts. 14. Beauty queens relaxed here 15. And princessesprepared for theball. 16. It was a center for the arts 17. And a welcoming haven. 18. Now its a fortress.