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1Jamie jAi McConnell

Giving Words To The Speechless


I come from a very musical family.

My grandmother taught me the guitar at

Later accepted into North Carolinas All State Ensemble

As a child, I had multiple learning disabilities

Among the many was dyslexia

My struggle was with reading and writing.

Tired of feeling stupid, I indulged in knowledge.

Eventually I overcame my disabilities.

I began performing as a spoken word poet

Soon after I began hosting my own shows

Needing a career, I joined the military.

Serving two tours in the worlds greatest Navy

Ive traveled the world studying its rhythm

I developed a strong work ethic

Finally discharged, Im now pursuing my passion

Ive dedicated hours to writing, singing, and composing.

Ive began an internship at a professional studio

Eventually being hired as staff

Im a songwriter for artist of many genres

Also composing for films and producing for musicians

Steadily heading in the direction of success

Driven by passion to be the best.

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