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<ol><li> 1. DIGITALPHOTOGRAPHY </li><li> 2. WHAT IS DIGITALPHOTOGRAPHY? Digital photography is one of several forms of digitalimaging. It uses an array of electronic photo detectors tocapture the image focused by the lens, as opposed to anexposure on photographic film. The captured image is thendigitized and stored as a computer file ready for digitalprocessing, viewing, digital publishing or printing. simpled word :it is photography where the image isexposed, captured and stored electronically rather than onfilm. </li><li> 3. DIGITAL CAMERAWHAT IS DIGITAL CAMERA?A digital camera is a camera thatstores the pictures and video ittakes in electronic formatinstead of to film.EXAMPLE:compact,DSLR and DSLM </li><li> 4. Digital Camera &amp; ItsControls </li><li> 5. FRONT VIEWDSLR </li><li> 6. BACK VIEWDSLR </li><li> 7. DSLM </li><li> 8. Similarities Between SLR &amp;DSLR CATEGORY SLR&amp;DSLROpticalYesViewfinderManualControlsYesLenses Interchangeable </li><li> 9. Differences Between SLR &amp;CATEGORY SLDR SLR DSLRTechnology Reflex mirror that allowslive optical viewingthrough the lens takingthe image.Reflex mirror thatallows live and digitaloptical viewing throughthe lens taking theimage.StoragesdevicesCamera Film (36 imagesper roll of film)Memory cards(Thousands of images)Shutter Speed 1-1/1000 s 1 1/4000 sVideo Captures No YesLive Preview No YesReusability Images cannot beerased, and the filmcannot be reusedImages can be erased;card can be reused for anew set of pictures </li><li> 10. Similarities Between DSLR &amp;CATEGORY DSLR&amp;DDSLSMLMsize sensor sameimagequalityexcellentvideo yes </li><li> 11. Differences Between DSLR &amp;CATEGORY DSLR (NikoDn DS33L00M) DSLM (SamsungNX300)Size and Bulk larger (to fitmirror&amp;prism)smaller than DSLR(mirrorless)Complex Mirrorand ShutterDesignhave a noise when picureits taken, prone to dustquiter when picture wastaken, less prone to dustAutofocusabilityPhase detection: Veryfast .Contrast detectionin live view: slowPhase &amp; Contrastdetection. Fast.have hybrid AFviewfinder Optical viewfinder (OVF) Electronic viewfinder(EVF)/LVFshutter speeds 1 1/4000 s 30-1/6000sISO range 100-3200 100-25600Touchscreen No yes </li><li> 12. DSLR Mode Dial have 2 catagories:I.Full AutomaticII.Scene ModesNOKI N NONACProgram Mode (P):Exposure isautomatic, but you can manuallycontrol settings like ISO, whitebalance and color modeAperture Priority Mode (A or Av):You pick a lens aperture (the lensopening), all else is automaticShutter Priority Mode (S or Tv) :You decide how long the shutter isopen (shutter speed), all else isautomaticISO Priority Mode (Sv): You pick anISO, all else is automatic (a limitedfeature available on only a few DSLRs)Full Manual Mode (M) : You're onyour own. </li><li> 13. SLR modeDSLR modeSCENE MODES </li><li> 14. Exposure Mode: Auto </li><li> 15. Exposure Mode: Auto Flash Off </li><li> 16. Exposure Mode: Potrait </li><li> 17. Exposure Mode: Landscape </li><li> 18. Exposure Mode: Sports </li><li> 19. Exposure Mode: Close Up </li><li> 20. Exposure Mode: Night Potrait </li></ol>