Digital photography

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  1. 1. Digital Photography Examining types of Equipment
  2. 2. Digital Cameras Include information on different types of cameras and some of the functions they provide. Also who might buy each of the cameras
  3. 3. Computers Information on how some computers would be particularly good for using with digital images Give a range of examples
  4. 4. Scanner Explain what a scanner does and why it might be useful
  5. 5. Printers Explain the differences that there are in some printers and why some might be better for printing photos than others
  6. 6. Memory cards Explain what a memory card does and why some are different or more expensive
  7. 7. Image Manipulation Software Explain some of the things that you can do with image manipulation software You can also use some of your own examples
  8. 8. Tripods Explain why you use a tripod Give examples
  9. 9. Artificial Light Explain the use for different types of light
  10. 10. Techniques Discuss framing, lighting, focus etc and Give examples